The Queerteenth Festival is a yearly event in upstate New York, Hudson Valley that highlights the creativity of black trans, non-binary queer artists. This year's event features a film festival, night market. and block party to celebrate the day our ancestors heard about the end of slavery. Our festival is about telling the truth about our lives as storytellers, world bridgers, shapeshifters, radical lovers and revolutionaries. Makers are invited to explore black queerness as a place of aliveness that is vital to our collective liberation. Queerteenth is about honoring and giving voice to queer trans ancestors who were present on that day in Texas in 1865 and acknowledging and celebrating the multiplicity of black experience.

This year's Queerteenth Festival is a project by Qpop which is s a collective that organizes BIPOC centered Queer Pop-up events in the Hudson Valley with a mission of spreading joy and healing as a means of resistance.

Our outdoor screening venue is the Elmendorf Lot at Broadway lot in Midtown Kingston. Outdoor projection and sound will be provided by Radio Kingston.

Films submitted will be shown on-line or our in-person outdoor screening. Films selected for the in-person portion of the festival are eligible to win an audience favorite cash prize.

Artists of the African Diaspora are invited to submit works to the festival.
Entry is free.
We have the capacity to show english language or subtitled works.
Makers must retain all the rights to the films they submit.
All submissions must be at least 3 minutes long.
Individual artists and film collectives are welcome to enter.
Email for more information.

Overall Rating
  • Hello, I'm from Brazil and I thought it had little publicity and even comments about the movies. But I liked being selected and the initiative to show stories of our people

    June 2022