The Pretoria Film Festival 2024 is set to ignite the screens and captivate audiences with a vibrant celebration of cinema. Aspiring filmmakers, talented visionaries, and storytellers from around the world are invited to showcase their cinematic creations at this prestigious event. With a wide range of awards up for grabs, including Best Film, Best Director, and Best Documentary, the festival promises to be an exhilarating platform for recognition and acclaim.

Taking place in the beautiful city of Pretoria, this festival serves as a melting pot of diverse voices, genres, and narratives. Filmmakers are encouraged to submit their works, regardless of length, be it a thought-provoking feature film or a captivating documentary that sheds light on untold stories.

Part of the festivities would be for filmmakers to attend the world-renowned Pretoria Art Gallery. The gallery is one of the finest in South Africa and would be a great opportunity for artists in the film industry to further analyse other art and open up healthy discussions.

A trip to the Union Buildings to see a massive statue of Tata Nelson Mandela out front of where the South African government conducts its duties.
So many activities are to be conducted alongside attending the festival. We hope to see you all there!

The Pretoria Film Festival will take place in the affluent suburb of Lynwood at the Lynnwood Conference Centre in July 2024.
The Lynnwood Conference Centre is located at 435 Flinders Lane Lynnwood, Pretoria.

The Pretoria film festival offers a multitude of awards to the competing films. The awards are divided in two categories, Filmmaking and screenwriting. The title of the awards is inspired by the Pretoria coat of arms which features two large buck - the Kudu and the Eland. These buck are well known and very promenent in Southern Africa and widely recognised by their size and their uniqe horns. The winners of each category recieve either a Golden Kudu trophy (if it is a filmmaking award) or a Golden Eland (if it is a screenwriting award).
The Golden Eland Awards are for all screenwriting submissions. The Best Screenplay Award is awarded to the Best Screenplay of a submitted film. Meanwhile, the Best Short Script and Best Feature Script are awarded to script submissions only (script only, a film has not been made...yet).

The Golden Kudu Awards:
Best Production. Best Director. Best Cinematography. Best Sound Design. Best Edit. Best Production Design. Best Actor. Best Actress. Best Supporting Actor. Best Supporting Actress.

The Golden Eland Awards:
Best Screenplay. Best Feature Script (script only). Best Short Script (script only).

Rules are simple, please read and understand them before submitting.

1-Submissions may be withdrawn from the festival at any point up until 24 hours prior to the event.

2-Submissions of all lengths are welcome as well as all genres, we want to have a broad array of films available. That said, films with overtly explicit scenes may be asked to remove certain scenes or not selected at all. This is a family-friendly event.

3-We only accept original films and film scripts. No VR films, fan films or other non-film.

Best of luck to all!