Our mission: The Prestige Music Award honors the finest in music productions. Our mission is to inspire musicians by recognizing, promoting and supporting creativity in music production and performance. We are searching for musicians, writers and producers who are looking for public recognition of their creative efforts. The Prestige Award represents acknowledgement of the artistic merit of exceptional musical productions. Award recipients include musician, performers, producers, and all members of the creative team.

 The Prestige Music Award is a top-tier international awards competition with seasonal deadlines. Winners receive publicity as we broadcast the list of winners via press releases, to our email database of more than 20,000+ musicians, production companies, and industry insiders, as well as other social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The Prestige Music Award has been very successful in introducing winners to distributors who can sell licensing rights around the world.

The Prestige Music Award Competition is an international showcase for unique talent from around the world. Entries are judged against high standards of excellence. The Prestige Award provides an equal chance of winning for all entrants, regardless of size and budget. Entries are judged on quality and creativity. Our goal is to help independent musicians gain publicity and exposure to producers, distributors and record companies.

Past participants have been extremely pleased about the professional opportunities participation in this event has generated for their work.

Please visit our website at www.Prestigemusicaward.com to obtain more information and to better understand the competition.

We welcome your participation!


Winners are awarded as either a Gold, Silver and Bronze award. Winners are posted on our website, and notifications go out to 20,000+ music industry contacts. Winners may order a Prestige statuette for a cost of $375 per statuette (plus $25 for North American shipping. International shipping $150). 

Entries are received from musicians, producers, recording companies, and students. You do not have to be a member of a particular organization to enter. Lyrics, songs, music videos, performances, and CD's/DVD's produced in the previous five years are eligible. There are many categories to enter. Entries may be eligible for more than one category. If the song is not original, permission must be included from the party who holds the license, if any.

Overall Rating
  • Gary Borden

    It is an Honour to receive a Silver award, but most of all, being selected and recognized to be creative . Thank you!

    May 2017
    Prestige music award square logo
    Response from festival:

    You are very welcome Gary! Congrats again on your award! Keep up the great work.