The Centro de Enseñanza Superior Alberta Giménez announces the XV Alberta Giménez Journalism Award, whose objective is promoting the responsible profession through the attention and diffusion of topics related to social aspects of importance.

The topics will respond to contents of human interest and will be limited to the following subjects:

o Social o Vulnerable groups
o Training and education system
o Culture o Peace and Justice
o Ethics and Religion
o Communication
o Environment
o Any other discipline with a social focus

Prize for the best social report in audiovisual format: 1.000 €

Prize for the second best social report in audiovisual format: 500 €


- Be a university student enrolled in any degree, diploma or bachelor's degree in Communication (Journalism, Audiovisual Communication and Advertising and Public Relations) at any university in the world in the current academic year (2023-2024). Other degrees may be accepted if the organisation considers that there is a clear link with the field of Communication.

- Or be a recent CESAG graduate (having graduated in the 2022-2023 academic year).


- Works must be original and made after 1 September 2022. The content used in the works must be completely royalty-free. The competition is not responsible for any breach of copyright, and may remove from the competition at any time works that do not comply with intellectual property law, both for the images used and the sound tracks.

- The original video must respond to the format of the report and its educational, informative and journalistic function will be valued.

- The length of the audiovisual report shall not exceed 12 minutes (credits included).

- The reports must include a title and chyrons or credits with the identification of the sources, as well as information about the technical and artistic team. Whether or not a supporting voice-over is used, the didactic, informative, social and creative value of the report will be positively valued.

- Audiovisual works may be individual or collective. In the case of belonging to a collective of authors, registration and contact with the organisation will be through a single representative of the group.

- An author may participate in the production of three audiovisual works.

- Audiovisual works will be accepted in English, Spanish or Catalan. If the original language is not English, Spanish or Catalan, the video must be subtitled in any of these three languages.


One prize for the best social report in audiovisual format - 1.000 € Prize.
One prize for the second best social report in audiovisual format - 500 € Prize.

- The names of the winners will be made public at the awards ceremony and on the CESAG website (

- The winning entries will be published on the CESAG website and communicated to the media in the Balearic Islands for possible public dissemination.

- The Commission reserves the right to use other channels of dissemination in order to promote the contest, the sponsoring organisations and the prize-winners as much as possible.

- In the case of collective works, the payment of the economic prize will be made through the representative of the group, and the possibility of splitting the payment between the different authors of the work may be studied.


The selection and award criteria by the jury will take into account:

a) Social, educational, informative and journalistic interest.
b) Originality and creativity. The jury will value the originality of the chosen theme and its creative approach.
c) Technical and artistic quality. The jury reserves the right to discard those works that do not meet the minimum quality standards and may declare the competition void.


- The jury will be made up of the coordinators of the Award, the person in charge of the Department of Communication Sciences, lecturers in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication at CESAG, directors and journalists from written and audiovisual media in the Balearic Islands and the head of Communication of the sponsoring entity.

- The composition of the jury will be made public on the institutional website within 10 days of the closing date for the submission of works. The texts accepted in the contest will be made public within a maximum period of one month after the deadline.


- The deadline for the admission of works will begin on 15 March 2024 and will close on 15 July 2024.

- On October 2024, the organisers will publish on the institutional website the texts accepted for the contest.

- The screening of the selected films will be held in December 2024.

- The jury's decision will be announced at the prize-giving ceremony, to be held in December 2024.


Participation in the contest implies acceptance of each and every one of the contest rules and the unappealable decision of the jury.


The CESAG Journalism Award is organised and called by the Centro de Enseñanza Superior Alberta Gimenez, through the Department of Communication Sciences.

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