Prague Science Film Fest was established in 2020 due to the initiative of students and the management of the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague as a space for educating students and the public through documentary films from around the world.

The programming aims to connect film/media professionals, students and the public to raise awareness about important topics concerning human's living within nature.

Prague Science Film Fest aims to be a platform to give voice to filmmakers and scientists to present ideas on sustainable development, potential sources of energy, care for nature and developing technology.

*** Grand Prize of PSFF & AFO 2021 *** (prize money 10.000 $)
Winner: Solutions (dir. Pernille Rose Grønkjær)

*** International Competition Winner 2021 *** (prize money 5.000 $)
Winner: On Thin Ice (dir. Henry M. Mix)

*** Student Jury Award 2021 ***
Winner: On Thin Ice (dir. Henry M. Mix)

*** Special Prize of the Rector of the CZU 2021 *** (prize money 1.000 $)
Winner: Hearing the Little Owl (dir. Jan Hošek)

1.1. The festival accepts science films from all over the world. The submission of a film is free of charge. The film can be submitted only by the holder of audiovisual fixation rights to the film in terms of § 80 of the Act No. 121/2000 Coll. on Copyright, Rights Related to Copyright and on the Amendment of Certain Laws (Copyright Act), as amended, required for festival presentation (producer, distributor, sales, or director).
1.2. In case of the series, one episode or the whole series can be submitted. The festival reserves a right to select one episode of the submitted series for the competition.
1.3. Submitted films/series must be produced after January 1st, 2020.
1.4. The deadline for submission is the 24th of July 2022.
1.5. Films can be submitted through:
Prague Science Film Fest FilmFreeway profile:
1.6. By submitting the film, the applicant gives consent to a possible screening of the film in the competition held within Prague Science Film Fest 2022.
1.7. A screener copy of the film and English subtitles (or a dialogue list) must be received by 7th of August, 2022. The screening copy can be uploaded on our cloud or you can send a link.
To protect our environment we accept screeners to be sent via data storages with the possibility to download the screener (e.g. We Transfer; Vimeo; copy must be available for download at least 14 days and eventual password must be attached).
1.8. The submitted film must be either in English or have English subtitles.

2.1. From all submitted films, the program board of the Festival selects films for the International Competition (films produced outside the Czech Republic).
2.2. Applicants of films selected for the competitions will be notified before August 5th, 2022. If no notification has been received by that date, this means that the film has not been selected for any competition.
2.3. Following the selection, the applicant will be asked to supply a screening copy of the film (HD file 1920x1080, 20 000 bitrate, stereo sound, mp4 or mkv), a dialogue list in English, biography, and filmography of the director and promotional materials (at least 2 stills from the film in a minimal resolution of 300DPI, a trailer, possibly a press book, posters, etc.).
2.4. The Festival must receive the screening copy prior to August 7th 2022.
2.5. The Festival reserves the right to use segments of selected films up to 3 minutes for promotional purposes, incl. production of festival promo video, promotion in partner media and at the festival website .

3.1. Selected films will be publicly screened during the festival, all the screenings are free.
3.2. By submitting the film, the applicant agrees with two, in case of the winning films, three, screenings free of charge, at the festival or its official events, and undertakes that if the film is selected by the organizer to any of the above-mentioned competitions the applicant will submit the organizers on the basis of their call a written statutory declaration in which the applicant (producer, distributor or director) declares the ownership of the right to audiovisual fixation rights to the film in terms of § 80 of the Copyright Act, and that submission of the film was made by a person authorized to act on behalf of the applicant. In case this called for the statutory declaration is not provided by the applicant, the film submitted by the applicant will be excluded from the competition.
3.3. In case a film that has not been selected for competition, displays exceptional qualities, the program board may decide upon its screening in the non-competitive program of the festival. In this case, the production/distribution company will be notified and asked for permission.

By submitting a film, you accept our data protection policy in accordance with the GDPR.

By submitting a film the applicant agrees with all above-mentioned regulations.

Overall Rating
  • Péter Becz

    Fantastic films and guests, very hospital and passionate people behind the festival. Highly recommend it.

    November 2022