** Now Accepting Submissions for our 2021 Edition **

POUR FAIRE COURT is a film festival based in Lyon, France. The fourth edition will take place on 1st of February.

Notre thème l’Évasion regroupe tous les moyens que l’humain utilise pour fuire son quotidien ou une periode anxyogène.

On retrouvera dans cette selection de courts métrages des situations où les individus cherchent
à s'évader, s’enfuir, s'échapper d'un lieu où ils sont enfermé. L’évasion c’est également une action qui répond à l’envie de se soustraire à l'emprise de quelque chose, à la monotonie, à la fatigue de la vie quotidienne.
Nous avons tous eu à un moment donné eu le besoin de nous évader. Que ce soit à courte ou longue durée, par la pensée avec le reve, ou bien par l’action.

À la recherche d’un échappatoire/exutoire, nous nous évadons quotidiennement par le biais d’une passion comme un métier, la lecture, le sport, la peinture... Parfois l’exutoire est virtuel mais il est aussi accessible simplement avec un peu d’imagination en révant.
Que ce soit seul ou accompagné, certains chercherons une escapade le temps d’un instant, d’autres un réél changement de mode de vie, pour d’autres cela sera une fuite.
L’évasion peut aussi se traduire par le fait de rejoindre un être aimé ou un lieu qui nous tient à coeur.
Certains individus sont également réduits à fuir leur condition ainsi les seules issues pour atteindre de nouvelles horizons seront l’exode ou la fugue...


2 Categories :

CAMERA Category
Film shot with any tool of your choice : camera, camcorder, smartphone

Animated film


Camera Category :
• Screening in the first part of the 2021 "Cinéma sous les étoiles" Film Festival
• 500 €

Animation Category :
• Screening in the first part of the 2021 "Cinéma sous les étoiles" Film Festival
• 500 €

European price :
• A spot as a jury member for the 2022 Prix de Courts edition
• 250 €

Audience Award :
• 250 €

POUR FAIRE COURTFestival - Rules & Terms

Article 1 : Participation

POUR FAIRE COURT is a film festival based in Lyon, France organized by the students of Events & Public Relations Master’s Degree at INSEEC school. Its goal is to showcase short films by independent and new filmmakers. This year’s theme is «the Escape »
The film length has to be between 4 and 12 minutes. Each candidate is allowed to submit up to three shorts but only one of them can be selected by the programming team.

Article 2 : Submission

The submission fee is 4€, to be paid on the FilmFreeway platform.

Article 3 : Rights

Before submitting, the filmmaker must obtain all necessary consent for the use and distribution of the film. The applicant must ensure that all submitted work is original in nature. The work must be product solely of the artist ’s creation, containing no reproduction of any other work or creation belonging to a third party. The Short Event association accepts no responsibility
regarding the declaration of musical pieces to the SACEM.

Article 4 : Selection

All incomplete applications will be refused.

The organizers of Pour faire Court reserve the right to reject any application:
- whose film quality is deemed insufficient,
- whose film could disrupt the general public order or be in conflict with accepted moral
- whose film may incite judicial proceedings for plagiarism or defamation.

Films will be selected solely on the basis of the content provided and the director’s
statement of intent. The decision will be made by the organizers of the festival. This
decision is final. Films will be selected based on their creative and original content,
the technical quality, the aesthetics, and the respect of the theme.

The viewing and selection of films will take place within the Short Event association.
No material will be returned to the applicant.

All committee decisions will be communicated by email. All decisions are final.
Any film registered or selected for the festival cannot be withdrawn by the artist. If
necessary, the association Short Event reserves the right to legal recourse, claiming any
damages deemed necessary.

Article 5 : Authorized consent

By submitting a film, the artist assumes all responsibility and gives full permission, without
compensation, to publish any information and/or photos (free of all rights) that he/she has
provided during the registration process.

Each candidate is obligated to apply the logo of POUR FAIRE COURT festival - downloadable on the website - to any documents that he/she wishes to use as promotion for his/her participation in and/or after the festival.

All selected films will be listed in the festival’s catalogue and available for use by any
festival partner or sponsor who wishes to do so.

Each artist yields his/her rights to the Short Event association and authorizes. The
distribution of his/her film:
- to any and all media partners of the festival,
- to the Short Event association in the promotion of the festival,
- to the Fête du court-métrage festival, in the promotion of the festival and the Fête du court métrage
- Each candidate authorizes the use of his/her photos and/or videos for promotional
Films in the final selection may be presented in the future by partners of the festival, in an
international context.

Article 6 : Insurance

The POUR FAIRE COURT festival will cover the insurance costs of the films between
their reception and their screening. In the case a film should be lost or damaged
during this period, the Pour faire Court festival is liable only for the replacement
value of the hard copy.

Article 7 : The festival

All finalists are required to be present or be represented by a person of their choice (or by
default a member of the Short Event association) during the duration of the festival. Finalists must notify the association of their choice 15 days before the date of the festival.
The festival requests a brief explanation of each artist ’s creative process to be presented
before or after the viewing of the film. The panel judging the films will consist of
professionals from the cinema, art and audiovisual sector.

Article 8 : Awards

The three winning artists will receive an award following the panel’s deliberation that will
take place during the festival.

- Best Camera film: 500 €
- Best Animated film: 500 €
- Jury’s Favorite: a spot as jury for the 2021 edition of POUR FAIRE COURT and 250 €
- European price : A spot as a jury member for the 2022 POUR FAIRE COURT edition and 250 €

In the case of a tie, the president of the jury will select a winner. The choice of the jury is

Article 9 : Compensation policy

Applicants will not be compensated for any reason during the festival nor in the event
that any festival partner uses his/her film. Selected candidates will not be compensated
for any travelling or accommodation expenses incurred.

Article 10: Unforeseen circumstances

The board of the Short Event association is responsible for resolving any unforeseen
circumstances and granting derogations to the present rules and terms in the event that
the candidate provides a supported and detailed request. To be able to take part in the
festival Prix de Courts, each candidate must fully understand and accept the festival rules and regulations. The board reserves the right to discard any application and/or take all
necessary measures in any case where an applicant fails to comply with the rules and
regulations or does not follow event protocol.

The board reserves the right to change the rules and regulations and/or to cancel the
festival in the case of extenuating circumstances. Any case of dispute will fall under the
exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of the City of Lyon.

Overall Rating
  • Guillaume Monfraix

    Un Grand Merci au Festival Pour Faire Court ! Nous avons passé une très bonne soirée. Merci d'avoir maintenu le Festival malgré cette année très difficile. Bravo pour l'organisation ! Bravo à toute l'équipe ! Très bonne communication. Très bon agencement entre les projections des films et les interventions.

    Thanks a lot to Pour Faire Court short films festival ! We enjoyed that evening even if we were not able to be face to face. Thank you so much to keep the festival running despite this complicated year. Well done to the team of the festival for their hard work to make this event possible. Great organisation and communication. Very interesting talks in between each films !

    February 2021
  • Ewa Maria Wolska

    Fantastic festival - made with professionalism and passion. It was a real pleasure to be invited! Thank you!!!

    February 2021
  • Itunu Olowo

    Great experience, very fun and professional at the same time. Will definitely love to go back for the next film.

    February 2020