Strongly believing in the power of experimentation and synergy between various arts, in 2021, with its second edition, the International Portrait Film Festival (IPFF) creates a competition module for photographic portraits. The experiment will be open to photography projects by professionals and amateurs from around the world. The selected best photo portraits will be part of an exhibition during the festival events of IPFF 2021.

One of all the selected photographs will be awarded as a winner and will become a starting point for experimental transformations - in a virtual art incubator it will be an inspiration for subsequent discussions and creations in various arts and fields.


Portrait of a lady (a portrait from another historical time, past or future)

Portrait of a lady on fire (a queer portrait)

Portrait in sepia (a monochrome or black&white portrait)

The picture of Dorian Gray (a very beautiful portrait or a portrait-grotesque)

Portrait of the artist as a young man (a surreal portrait)

Self-portrait with ear and pipe (a self-portrait of the photographer)

Selection and evaluation

From all the submitted applications, the IPFF team and the jury of the contest will select the best 24 photos, which will be published on the platforms of the festival and will participate in an exhibition (digital & print versions) within the second edition of IPFF in November 2021.

The jury of the competition will distinguish ONE best work from the selected photographs.

Awards and prizes

The best work is given the opportunity to participate in a creative incubator "Portrait Pathways". The creative incubator is a virtual space that allows artists and photography lovers, through their comments, to share impressions, opinions, as well as to generate narratives, whose starting point is this one selected photograph. The aim of the process is an enriching accumulation of ideas, outlining a new, longer and unexpected life of the work, as well as popularizing the artist within a different context.

Cash prize - the awarded photographer also receives a cash prize - 50% of the prize fund. The prize fund is formed by the paid participation fees. The amount raised is distributed as follows:
50% for a prize for the best work;
50% for costs and development of the photo contest.

All authors of selected photographs will receive a specialized digital diploma.

Rules for participation in all categories:

Form of participation: one photograph in one of the indicated categories
Used equipment: no restrictions
Age of participants: at least 18 years of age
Participation fee: for each application, a participation fee of 2 USD is paid; one participant can apply with up to 6 photos.

The competition is open for applications from 17.08.2021 to 17.10.2021.
The selected photographs will be announced on November 1st, 2021.
The exhibition (print + digital) with selected photographs will be presented between November 17th and 27th, 2021 in Sofia, Bulgaria and in the online platforms of IPFF.
The virtual art incubator will be implemented in December 2021 and January 2022. The results will be presented in February 2022.
The cash prize for the best work will be paid by December 15th, 2021.

Photographs requirements
Photos taken with any device, including a smartphone, are accepted;
Photos processed / retouched with software are accepted;
Both color and monochrome images are accepted;
Size: up to 20 MB
File format: jpg, png
Resolution: minimum - 72 dpi, recommended - 150 dpi
Color scheme: recommended - sRGB, acceptable - RGB;

Copyright and participants responsibility
1. The photographs submitted for participation in the competition "Portrait Pathways" are original works for which the author has all the rights;
2. The author is responsible for the copyrights and rights of the captured subjects;
3. Requirement for non-participation in other competitions - no;
4. Requirement not to participate in other competitions with the same works in the future - no;
5. It is not allowed to submit:
- Content that violates the law or is defamatory;
- Content that constitutes or encourages criminal conduct, leads to civil liability or which otherwise violates the law;
- Commercial content that promotes any products or services;
- Content within which people and animals have been injured or manipulated;
- Content that infringes copyright, trademarks, contractual rights, or any other intellectual property right of a third party or organization;
- Content that violates the rights, storage and dissemination of personal data.

Participation in the competition means agreement with its rules. The author of the best photograph agrees for it to be "placed" in a creative incubator.
The authors of all selected works agree that their works will participate in a digital exhibition in the online channels of IPFF, as well as in a live exhibition with prints, part of the second edition of the festival.
Participants must obtain the prior permission and consent of the persons depicted in their works or who own copyrights or other intellectual and/or property rights over the works or objects depicted in them.
Participants agree to indemnify the organizer in full and to be fully responsible for any third party complaints or objections regarding copyright or other intellectual property, infringement, or damages arising from the submitted works.
The above restrictions also apply to the responsibilities assumed by the organizer, as well as the members of the jury and third parties participating in the competition in cooperation with the organizer.

Rights and responsibilities of the organizer
Although entrants retain copyright and other equivalent rights with respect to submitted applications, the organizer has the rights set out below:
The organizer has the right to print the selected photographs and to organize a digital and a physical exhibition.
In order to develop the competition and popularise the authors, the organizer reserves forever the non-exclusive right to publish, reproduce, make public, publicly transmit, display, print, display in exhibitions, distribute on its official website and social channels the selected photographs.
The organizer will always publish the name of the author of each published photo.
For purposes other than those listed above, the organizer will require the consent of the author.

The fee for participation in the photography contest is not refundable.
The organizer shall not be liable for damages arising out of or in connection with circumstances beyond its control, including but not limited to computer viruses or unauthorized access to its servers.
The organizer will not be liable for damages suffered by participants as a result of their participation in the competition.
All disputes will be resolved by mutual agreement or as a last resort before the competent court in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Overall Rating
  • Viet Van Tran

    Many thanks for jury selected my work for festival. I was happy and hope have a chance to apply the second photo contest next year. All best.

    December 2021
  • Kang Le

    I was fortunate enough to have my work selected for this festival, It is a great honor for me.

    December 2021