The Portland Comedy Film Festival, ranked in the Top 100 on FilmFreeway, is a unique forum for international independent comedy filmmakers to showcase their comedy films in Portland, Oregon. In 2018, the Portland Comedy Film Festival became a bi-annual event, which means that we have a spring and fall session. Did you know that the Portland Comedy Film Festival screened 350 comedy films in 2018 alone? Check out the pictures for yourself, it was a blast! Did you know that we post on social media about every single screenplay and film accepted to our event? This is a great marketing opportunity for your creative work. The Portland Comedy Film Festival is searching for funny and engaging films to entertain a comedy loving audience in 2019, please send us your film or screenplay and come have a great time with us in Oregon.

Our panel of 12 judges will give out 22 different awards:

Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Cinematography
Best Comedy Micro Short Film
Best Comedy Short Film
Best Dark Comedy Film
Best Dark Comedy Micro Short Film
Best Director
Best Editor
Best Ensemble Cast
Best Feature Film
Best International Director
Best International Film
Best Mockumentary Film
Best Original Music
Best Romantic Comedy Film
Best Screenplay: Comedy Television Episode
Best Screenplay: Feature Length Comedy Film
Best Screenplay: Short Comedy Film
Funniest Music Video
Most Original Concept
Single Funniest Moment

All films and short videos are eligible to screen at the festival. Even if your film has already been distributed, or is publicly available online. (youtube, vimeo, etc ...) Works in progress are accepted in some cases, but bad audio will not be tolerated. The films screen on Blu-Ray with a great sound system, so make sure that your audio has a good mix and that your dialogue is clear. We accept short films, web series episodes, 48 hour films, experimental films, animated films, music videos and just about anything that is funny and will make people laugh.

Overall Rating
  • Tony Ferrendelli

    Great festival. I can see why it is listed in the top 100 on FilmFreeway. Mikel was great at communicating the status and updates. He also did a great job at promoting the festival and selections on Social Media. Highly recommend.

    February 2019
  • Amazing festival and Great communication with the filmmakers!!!
    We are so thrilled to have been a part of the festival :)

    January 2019
  • Michael Matasci

    Great Festival and fantastic communication
    Would highly recommend
    Michael Matasci

    December 2018
  • François Zaïdi

    I had the good fortune to see my film selected. I just want to testify the superb communication provided by Mikel Fair. It started with judges notes, and a lot of exchange occured between the festival director and me. It is greta to feel that your work is apeciated. They published a facebook post for each of the 150+ selected film. Since I live in France, I did not attend, but I'm sure the venue was great. Thank you :)

    December 2018
  • Rachel Grissom

    What a fun event! The festival is casual but well-organized, and the awards ceremony and mixer fun and supportive. I'll definitely go again in the future!

    November 2018