The Portland Comedy Film Festival, ranked in the Top 100 on FilmFreeway, is a unique forum for international independent comedy filmmakers to showcase their comedy films in Portland, Oregon. Did you know that we screened 200 comedy films in March 2018 and have plans to screen another 200 in the fall? Check out the pictures for yourself, it was a blast! The Portland Comedy Film Festival is searching for funny and engaging films to entertain a comedy loving audience. 2018 Fall Portland Comedy Film Festival Event Scheduled for November 9-10, 2018.

Our panel of 12 judges will give out 15 different awards:

1. Best Micro Short Film
2. Best Short Film
3. Best Feature Film
4. Best Director
5. Best Actor
6. Best Supporting Actor
7. Best Actress
8. Best Supporting Actress
9. Best Original Music
10. Best Cinematography
11. Best Ensemble Cast
12. Single Funniest Moment
13. Best Editor
14. Best Short Comedy Screenplay
15. Best Feature Length Screenplay

All films and short videos are eligible to screen at the festival. Even if your film has already been distributed, or is publicly available online. (youtube, vimeo, etc ...) Works in progress are accepted in some cases, but bad audio will not be tolerated. The films screen on Blu-Ray with a great sound system, so make sure that your audio has a good mix and that your dialogue is clear. We accept short films, web series episodes, 48 hour films, experimental films, animated films, music videos and just about anything that is funny and will make people laugh.

Overall Rating
  • Suzanne Schmidt

    This is a fun, friendly festival that focuses on the work. Hoping for a bigger theater next year because some of the screenings were sold out(!) but that’s a good problem for a Festival to have!

    May 2018
  • Laurel Vail

    I wasn't able to attend, but I had friends and family who went and had a great time. The communication was always very good and they had a lot of social media posts to help promote every film!

    April 2018
  • Caroline King

    WOW! This festival was incredible! I will totally come back to this one anytime I have a new project!

    April 2018
  • Misha Calvert

    This festival has some of the best comedy programming I've seen yet. They really make an effort to seek out quality filmmakers, and to provide an amazing and supportive atmosphere. Thank you Portland Comedy!!

    April 2018
  • Heather Spilkin

    This festival has a real focus on supporting and promoting the filmmakers. Great communication as well!

    April 2018