The PopDoc Awards bring you a new and revolutionary approach to online film contests.

This isn’t one of those places where you pay to get a laurel. We are filmmakers ourselves and we made this contest to honor awesome films and filmmakers like you. We don’t give away awards.

If you win here, you earned it.

We don’t shy away from controversy. We fully believe in open dialogue and freedom of ideas. We welcome all people and ideologies, whether we agree with them or not. If you aren’t scared make it, we aren’t scared to distribute it.

So how does it work?

Your quest to earn the PopDoc Seal of Greatness starts when you submit your film.

We watch every submission that is sent in and provide critical and honest feedback. If your film doesn’t make the cut, the journey ends here. But, if it passes muster, it becomes an official selection.

Official Selections qualify for distribution on our platform, which includes special marketing and promotional packages that we provide to you free of charge.

In addition to distribution, your film will be screened in front of a live audience on our live stream. Select filmmakers will also be invited to join in for a virtual panel discussion after the screenings to discuss their films.

If your film is amazingly great, you will earn the PopDoc Seal of Greatness that, along with honor and prestige, comes with an even better marketing and promotion package courtesy of PopDoc.TV.

Submitted Films
- All submitted films are screened by a professional screener

Official Selections
- Official Selection Laurel
- Distribution via PopDoc platform
- Screened on our Live Stream
- Film Promotional Package

Seal of Greatness Winners
- Official Winner Laurel
- Distribution via PopDoc platform
- Premium Film Promotional Package
- Podcast / Live Stream Interview
- Post Live Stream Panel Discussion

Rules and Terms

- We only accept short documentary films. No narratives.
- If the film is not in English, it must have English subtitles

By submitting your film, you agree that:

- We can use the assets you provide (film, trailer, poster, etc) for promotional purposes
- If selected, you grant us permission to live stream your film on our live event
- If you opt in for distribution on our platform, you grant us the right to show the film on our channels and partner platforms
- You may not withdraw your film after the official selection dates

NOTE: All of the rights you grant us are NON-EXCLUSIVE. You retain the rights to your film.

** We reserve the right to reject a film for any or no reason at all, at our discretion. **