Christin Baker strives to support upcoming filmmakers and writers who want to make content for our community. She is looking for Holiday RomComp pitches (and then a script).

In the first Pitch to Production for Holiday RomComs we made all 3 of the movies that won the pitch: "Season of Love", "Christmas at the Ranch" and "Merry & Gay". We want to do it again and are now specifically looking for the Lesbian/Queer female stories similar to "The Holiday" with one of the locations being Nashville or the surrounding area. The other country is up for grabs!

We only want pitches at first and if your idea is chosen then you will be helped in writing a feature.

Pitches will be reviewed and then Christin will work with the winner on developing their script. The winning pitch(es) will receive $100 and if your script is produced you will be paid a total of $500.

Do not submit any part of your script. ONLY submit your pitch.

Entrants enter a writing “pitch” submission. The contest is open to those who are eighteen years of age or older.

Are you ready to send us your pitch? Send us a pitch document with the following information: .

Please include the following elements within your submission:

- Your name, email and phone number.
- The name of your “pitched” movie.
- Logline of the movie.
- Description of the main characters in your movie.
- Description of the locations.
- The plot of movie, tell us more about the three acts of your story.

You will be disqualified if you send any part of the script or if your story does not include Nashville as a location.

Submission Guidelines
- All contest submission MUST be an original creation.
- Submission must be written in English.
- Submissions must be NEW and not already produced, sold to a third-party and not distributed online.
- Submissions CANNOT infringe the copyright or any other proprietary right of another individual or entity and shall not contain materials from published artists.
- Submissions must not contain any brands or logos.

We reserve the right to choose finalists and ask for a writing sample of a script from each finalist.