Each year, Pink Screens, A QUEER FILM FESTIVAL, is ten days of pure pleasure, an abundance of films, exhibitions and also parties including our not-to-be-missed Pink Night closing party. Ten days to assault and deconstruct the binary normality: female / male, male / female, homo / hetero, dykes / queers, trans / bio ... This is happening at Nova Cinema, a Mecca of the alternative scene in Brussels, which wears for the occasion the colors of the festival and whose flexible projection formats perfectly suit the boisterous spirit of the festival. Each edition of Pink Screens invites you to discover shorts and feature films, fiction, documentaries and experimental films, both from here and elsewhere, always an impertinent and often disconcerting appointment with quality films.

No awards & prizes

You can submit your film to the 2023 edition in November through the following entry form:

Please note, that submitted films should not have been submitted to previous editions of the festival and the completion year must be 2018 and later.
If you do not plan to submit a film yourself, have already done so and/or are already in touch with the festival's programmers regarding this year's edition, please feel free to forward this Call for Submissions to any filmmakers or companies that might be interested.