The Perspectives on Pastoralism Film Festival will deepen understanding of how diverse peoples across the world gain their livelihoods from extensive livestock production. The relationships of pastoralist people and animals and their food production systems reflect an intimate intertwining of culture, economy and ecology in harsh environments such as drylands and mountainous regions. In such environments, mobility of animals plays a key role. Films of multiple genres - spanning documentary, narrative and experimental - made by pastoralists and/or about pastoralists offer different insights into issues important to pastoralists.

This film festival opens the possibility for showcasing visual media that will spark dialogue, inspire debate and complement the presentation of research at the conference. This event is organised by the Coalition of European Lobbies for Eastern African Pastoralism (CELEP), including the German Institute for Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture (DITSL), Agrecol Association for AgriCulture & Ecology, and Veterinarians without Borders (Vétérinaires Sans Frontières), among others.

The organisers of the film festival invite films that are less than 60 minutes long.

Films will be screened at two venues:
1) September 17th, 2019 in Kassel, Germany as a pre-Tropentag event
2) Date TBA, October, 2019 in Brussels, Belgium as part of the Annual General Meeting of the Coalition of European Lobbies for Eastern African Pastoralism (CELEP)

For a complete application, please email
1-page cover letter with a brief summary of the film and an explanation of how it addresses at least two of the criteria listed below.

-Films created by individuals or groups who are part of ethnic groups that identify as pastoralist
-Films that bring pastoralists' perspectives on their life and livelihood system
-Films that sensitively portray issues faced by pastoralists
-Films about issues faced in regions where pastoral livestock production is practised
-Films that reflect the role of mobility in pastoral systems

Film requirements:
-Minimum 1080p downloadable video
-If the film is not in English, please include English captions