In the heart of the capital of Iran, the city of Tehran, the second event of the Persian independent experimental short film festival focusing on: (independent cinema, environment, health, world peace and support for women, sports, architecture, screenplay, photography, music, as well as the free section) as It is held online.
All male and female filmmakers from all over the world can participate in this festival, with any age group
The exclusive distribution of films on the website of the festival, the benefits of sales are spent on the platform and advertising and support of the festival. Participating directors and producers accept our terms with satisfaction.

This festival will be held independently under the chairmanship of Omid Mahdavi (producer and director), online and physically (soon), which will be screened exclusively on the official website of the festival after selecting the works. physically placed in Iran)

It also creates reflection with the audience through Instagram, and introduces artists in different disciplines.

It is hoped that artists will participate in this festival and display their works
Another goal of the festival is the independence of young filmmakers and the support of new talents. Filmmakers who even made films with mobile phones can participate in the mobile section of the festival.
Financial support for your next works

Objectives of the festival:
A) Strengthening the position of the short film as an independent and thoughtful trend in cinema
b) Identifying and introducing film talents
c) Updating cinematographic knowledge and skills
d) Strengthening the short film economic cycle by creating internal and external marketing fields
e) Expanding and attracting audiences for short films

In each group,
the best experimental film,
the best experimental music video,
the best art video,
the appreciation of the best male and female actor
the selected film of the audience

Conditions for acceptance of works:
Acceptable versions (: DCP, Apple ProRes 4444, Full HD file with English subtitles)

Film production date: 2009-2023
The application form to participate in the festival must be completed by the producer(s) or legal distributor of the film. Acceptance of the conditions contained in the regulations
The executive team of the festival decides on all unforeseen events

Participating in the festival means accepting all the rules of the festival.
Note: Registration and submission of works in the festival is only possible online.
Films that reach the competition must have English subtitles.
Films that do not meet the necessary technical standards will be removed from the competition at the discretion of the festival secretariat.
After sending the films to the festival, it is not possible to remove them from the festival program. Completing the application form to participate in the festival means accepting all the rules.

- Works commissioned by institutions and organizations, or from public and government sources, will be available for online display only if the agreement between the parties and the written consent of the owner or legal owners of the work is submitted.

Films that make it to the competition section will receive a certificate of participation in the festival.
Completing the application form to participate in the festival means accepting all the regulations.
Movie trailers, advertising items, posters and photos are required

Youtube Channel:
- Artists and art lovers should pay attention, be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel to be aware of new news as well as the closing ceremony live.

Overall Rating
  • My film was selected to be included in the festival a few months ago, but the communication was terrible, unclear and unprofessional.

    Weeks after sending an email, I have not received any response from the festival. I do not recommend this festival, do not send your film.

    November 2023
  • My film was selected to be included in the festival a few months ago, but the communication was very unclear and unprofessional. Weeks after I sent an inquiry email, I received a response that asked me to post a one-minute video of myself on my socials to give permission to the festival (!) to show my film and also explain my film a little bit, which is something that was not stated in the festival's regulations and requirements on FilmFreeway, Therefore I chose not to do it. I don't know what their deal is but don't submit your film to this festival.

    November 2023
  • Michael Lyons

    Thank you for your interest in our film, 'Tenjinsan Textiles'.

    March 2022
  • Dear friends! Thank you for your wonderful festival! I really hope for our meeting in the future!

    March 2022
  • Wheeler Winston Dixon

    Excellent festival - great communication and excellent administration. Good luck in the coming years as a continued force for experimental cinema!

    March 2022