The Pembroke Taparellli Arts and Film Festival was founded as a means to provide independent artists committed to social justice with a place through which to share their work with our global community. The festival seeks to give a platform to artists who seek to use their voice in film, theatre, spoken word, painting, sculptor, and photography to bring to light such issues as, poverty, gender inequality, homelessness, hunger, physical and psychological abuse, racism, sex trafficking, war and grief.

The festival will be an intersection between art and social justice giving independent artists a place to create, thrive and bring to market work they are passionate about without fear it will never be seen. Artists are allowed to take risk, tell their stories as they work to change the world.

The PTAFF is dedicated to the discovery and presentation of emerging artists, giving them an opportunity to let their voices be heard around the world. Injustice in many forms is a reality affecting our global community, as artists we have a responsibility to stand up against injustice. Many artists take action to turn these injustices around through their work. We seek to support and aide these artist as they help to transform, save and change the lives of those who suffer, creating a sense of hope to fuel our struggle.


The Pembroke Taparelli Arts Festival (PTAFF) is a celebration of Domestic and International Artists (Filmmakers, Performers, visual artists) who are committed to fostering global change through the Arts. We celebrate those fearless artists who are willing to share the good, the bad, and the ugly of our times holding themselves accountable for the change they desire to see.

The PTAFF will inspire conversation and promote a better understanding of the power the arts wield in combatting the injustices that have become a part of our daily lives.

In addition, PTAFF is committed to the following:

Affirm the place the arts have in strengthening our universal commitment to Human Rights and Social Justice.
Promote the arts as a powerful tool in the global dialogue of peace and mutual respect.
Bring together international filmmakers, performers, artists and educators to present their work and share with community leaders and community audiences.
Promote healing through the arts, celebrate rich cultures, and share diverse experiences locally and internationally.
Create a pathway where socially conscious films and art work can be a part of mainstream film distribution.

Best Narrative Feature (Domestic and International)

Best Documentary (Domestic and International)

Best Short

Best Screenplay

By submitting your film or screenplay to the Pembroke Taparelli Arts and Film Festival you are agreeing that you have read, understood and consent to abide by our General Rules for Submission, Festival Rules and Regulations and our Terms and Conditions of Service that are listed below.


Eligibility: Submitter must be 18 years of age or older to enter the competition.
Screeners/Preview DVD's must be sent on DVD +/ DVD - format or by secure online screener.
Films may have major distribution in the United States of America
Preview DVDs must be marked (or in a small case marked) with:
Name Of Film
Name of Director
Running Time
Contact Info (including phone number and email)

Any and All DVD preview screeners, DVD or BluRay Exhibition Screeners, and press materials and posters WILL NOT be returned via mail or at the festival.
You will be notified by email around the last week of September if your work has been accepted.
It is the responsibility of those who SUBMITTED TO THE FESTIVAL to check all emails listed during the application process during the month of September to see if your film / screenplay / trailer was accepted.
Upon acceptance notification, mail an exhibition-ready copy of your work (without DVD menus, and pop-n-play, ready to screen, no watermark, NTSC, Region 1 or 0) to PTAFF as soon as possible. If PTAFF does not receive an exhibition copy within two weeks of the festival, PTAFF may screen the Preview Copy on hand. Filmmakers may wish to provide a non-watermarked/non-DVD-menu-style Screener/Preview Copy when submitting, to be on the safe side.

Send DVD submissions in a standard flat rate envelope or smaller to save space and create less trash.
Please do not send any cash.
All fees are non-refundable.


Film currently with major distribution in United States
Films being submitted by mail must be submitted on DVD or blu ray format
DVD preview screeners WILL NOT be returned
PTAFF will only accept international non-English films that have been subtitled.

ALL FEES are non-refundable.

IF PTAFF does not receive an exhibition copy within two weeks of the festival, PTAFF may screen the Preview Copy on hand. Filmmakers may wish to provide a non-watermarked/non-DVD-menu-style Screener/Preview Copy when submitting, to be on the safe side.
All winners who wish to have their films screened will have to provide the festival immediately with a high quality DVD copy of the film upon being accepted to the festival. IF we do not receive one we will use your Preview Screener DVD/ Blu Ray. You may wish to send a screen-able copy of your DVD/Blu Ray as your screener copy to be safe.
Films do not have to be screened for an audience to be eligible for our festival, prizes, or awards.

In submitting to PTAFF you authorize PTAFF the legal right to screen your submitted work publicly, and additionally are admitting ownership of the property submitted, and of any and all trademarks & copyrights needed to legally authorize a screening.
If for whatever reason you have a film that cannot be screened publicly, please let us know (in case you choose to premiere at an alternate event after already submitting to PTAFF or other issues that may arise).
If PTAFF is not notified in writing prior to the festival, or by the date any print, television, or web ads with specific reference to your film begin to appear to the public, PTAFF reserves the right to screen your submitted film at our discretion.
If your film is not screened at this year’s festival due to conflicts, PTAFF also reserves the right to screen your submitted film one time in the 12 months following our festival.
Winners will be voted on by chosen industry professionals (Writers, Directors, Producers) and chosen democratically.
Festival is not responsible for broken or non-functioning films.
Any BluRay Exhibition Copies submitted must by accompanied with an additional DVD backup copy (Region 1 or 0, NTSC only, with no Watermarks, no Menu Screen, and identical chapter settings).
Must be 18 years of age or older to enter the competition.
PTAFF reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

Overall Rating
  • Stephanie Willis

    I was extremely disappointed by the festival. There was very little marketing or publicity. The communcation was limited, and my film's screening block was cancelled hours before it was supposed to start because of low ticket sales. I was told my film would screen at an undefined festival they would organize in the future. This festival felt like a rip off, and they were very unprepared and unpolished.

    January 2020
  • Nina Kochelyaeva

    bad, the festival did not happen, they did not screen films

    November 2019
  • Michelle Taylor

    bad screenings did not happen

    November 2019
  • Franziska Häny

    I'm proud to have been part of this festival. The contact was friendly and helpful. Unfortunately i couldn't attend the festival.

    November 2019
  • Bruno Chatelin

    What a terrible experience, emails not answered, we found out late that the festival was not screening films because of lack of ticket sales. Could not be worse.

    November 2019