This is the first ever video art festival to be hosted at Chapman University and our goal is to become an inclusive space for students around the world to showcase their diverse perspectives while providing opportunities for new artistic endeavors and creative risk-taking. We will be showcasing all submissions that meet our guidelines on May 4th in at Chapman University in Irvine Lecture Hall.

We want to inspire creatives to find meaning in the clouds. ink blots. everything.

1. All work must be original; use of unauthorized material will not be accepted
2. Works must be presented as a single channel video
3. All submissions must be new or created after the year 2020
4. You must provide an unlisted link to your video (i.e. Youtube, Vimeo, etc.)
5. Acceptable forms of video art: Live action, animation, stop motion, and CGI are all accepted
6: Selected artists will not be compensated for their screening.
7. If the sound/video used in your video is copyrighted, you agree to have your video removed from the exhibition or subject to edits
8. Videos MUST be under 10 min.
9. Please note that upon submission, you are agreeing to be promoted on all Pareidolia platforms
10. Pieces that align with our mission and vision are strongly encouraged