Paradise Film Festival is an IMDb Certified international monthly online competition which celebrates creativity and aims to highlight the creators of tomorrow.

Our goal is to showcase and support works that show the true potential of the filmmaker, we wanted to create a space where creatives don't have to worry about all the criteria Hollywood has created, there are no limitations only your imagination.

Founded by a group of creatives, Paradise Film Festival was born out of an enthusiasm for creativity and a passion for discovering new inspirations and rising talented artists.

Online by design, Paradise Film Festival is dedicated to bring people together and allow worldwide creators of any form of contents to take part of the competition.
Every month, our jury - a panel of creative talents from around the globe - award the best creative works.

Creativity is everywhere - we are proudly open to all kind of projects with no restriction as long as it is inventive and full of creativity. We are excited to be part of your journey and devoted to support and encourage all new content creators. All winners receive a Paradise Film Festival laurel, certificate and will be shared across all of our social platforms.

Films selected for the Official Selection will be nominated for an award in at least one of the following categories:

Best Feature Film
Best Animation
Best Documentary
Best Short Film
Best Experimental
Best Music Video
Best Action / Adventure
Best Sci-Fi
Best Fantasy
Best Horror
Best Drama
Best Comedy
Best Director
Best Cinematography
Best Sound Design
Best Visual FX
Best Actor
Best Actress

All the Official Selections, Finalists, Nominees, Honorable Mentions and Winners will receive an official Paradise Film Festival laurel and winners also get an Official Certificate with their name and the title of their film.

The winners will be announced on our social media.

· Films can be from anywhere in the world.

· Non-English films must have subtitles in English. For Music Videos no English subtitles needed.

· Films have no premiere requirements or prior screening restrictions that impact Festival eligibility and may have been screened at any number of festivals or other public theatrical exhibitions, broadcast or streamed on television or the Internet, and/or released via any home video or other public distribution platform anywhere in the world.

· Any project may participate, no matter when or where it was created.

· The filmmaker has cleared all the rights for their film. Paradise Film Festival isn't the right holder of the films nor responsible towards any claims that arise regarding copyrights.

· Paradise Film Festival has the right to use a trailer, stills and a poster from the films for promotional purposes.

· The Filmmaker/s is/are responsible for making sure all submission materials are submitted by the submission deadline indicated. If your film does not arrive or is not uploaded by the deadline for which you have registered, you may be withdrawn.

· Submission fees are non-refundable.

· All decisions regarding award winners and selections are considered final and incontestable.

Overall Rating
  • Christina Araujo

    Great festival. Thank you for selecting Eyes on Me for Best Drama!

    January 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for being with us Christina!

  • Christopher Siaens

    Thank you, Paradise Film Festival, for your kindness and professionalism and for making our short film "A Promise to Alexis" an award winner with your wonderful Festival. It was an honor to even be considered, and we look forward to submit future films for your consideration!

    January 2023
    Response from festival:

    It was our pleasure Christopher! A well deserved win for your short film, we’re very excited to see your future projects.


    I am so glad that I am the winner 🏆 as Best Actor. Thank you very much for selecting me for this award in such a special festival.

    February 2023
  • Kokoe Film Studios

    Thank you for selecting our feature film; ‘Dilemma.’

    We are honoured to be associated with your growing festival.
    We are very grateful for your festival providing a screening opportunity for people like us who work so hard to promote Indie Film. Thank you. It isn't easy. While less seem to want to fund Indie feature films, we do everything with a passion because we feel that film is our world's reflection of the inner soul.

    We hope our film highlights and entertains your audience but also challenges them too. With Dilemma we came across our own dilemmas but we learned how wonderful people can be when passion drives you.

    We had some wonderful crew and a great cast that put everything they could into the film, (even into the early morning hours) and so we finished in only 2 weeks.

    Everyone became our friends with the feature and we hope they will be yours too as we invite them to attend your festival in the future.

    And while ‘Dilemma’ was our first foray into a feature film, it was also an honest and frank but challenging question to us all.

    Can anyone really get away with murder?

    Kind Regards
    Peter J Tisma, Director
    Sian Francis, Producer and the Cast and Crew of “Dilemma.”

    January 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for joining us! And congratulations.

  • Raja Ram Mukerji

    nice experience overall
    decent festival

    January 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thank you, glad you joined us Raja!