Anything goes! This is the motto of Paracinema, a festival dedicated to films and genres outside the mainstream. Expect a steady diet of horror, sci-fi and fantasy but in addition we want to explore other genres and sub-genres that don't get the opportunity to play on the big screen.

In 2018, we welcomed special guest Toyah Willcox (star of Derek Jarman's Jubilee, Quadrophenia, The Quatermass Conclusion) for a talk about her eclectic career.

We welcomed filmmakers:
Dominic Brunt for a festival screening and Q&A with Attack of The Adult Babies,
Callum Waddell for a post screening Q&A with his film Images Of Apartheid: Filmmaking on the Fringe in the Old South Africa. (Winner Of Best Paracinema Feature Film)
Jake West (Doghouse, The ABCs Of Death) and Marc Morris from Nucleus Films for a Q&A and a preview of their new restoration of Death Laid An Egg.
Ashley Thorpe for a post screening Q&A with his film Borley Rectory.
Lars Kokemuller with Leon Must DIe,
Tom Lee Rutter with Bella In The Wych Elm (Winner Of Best Paracinema Short Film),
Shayna Connelly with Every Ghost Has An Orchestra,
Thomas Murtagh and Matthew Renoir (Producer) for The Ascent
Screenwriters Darrell Buxton and Steve Hardy for Ouijagiest.

Feature Films Screened at our 2018 edition:
Leon Must Die (dir: Lars Kokemuller), Something (Dir: Stephen Portland), Bodies(dir: Tom Large), All LIght Will End (dir: Christopher Blake Johnson), Out Of The Corner Of The Eye, Hi-Death (dir: Various), Charismata (dir: Andy Collier& Toor Mian), Hippopotamus (dir: Edward A. Palmer), American Guinea Pig: Song Of Solomon (dir: Stephen Biro), The Endless (dir: Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead), A Taste Of Phobia (Dir: Various), The Ascent (dir: Thomas Murtagh), Revenge (dir: Coralie Fargeat), L'Amant Double (dir: Francois Ozon), Ouijagiest (dir: John R. Walker).

Short Films screened at our 2018 edition.
The Foodies (dir: Julien de Volte & Arnaud Tabarly), Every Ghost Has An Orchestra (dir: Shayna Connelly), The Iris Echo (dir: Edward Wilkes & Tristram Giff), Sweet Daisy (dir: Dan Rutkowski), Shrimp Cocktail (dir: Aviv Shleyfman), After Party (dir: Liam Banks), Bella In The Wych Elm (dir: Tom Lee Rutter)

Retrospective screenings of:
Nosferatu in Derby Cathedral,
An all night trash/extreme horror marathon that included Difficulty Breathing (dir: Guy), Black Devil Doll (dir: Jonathan Louis Lewis), She Kills (Dir: Ron Bonk), Your Flesh, Your Curse (dir: Kasper Juhl),
An all night action marathon featuring Demolition Man, Commando, Double Impact and Escape From New York.
We also presented a rare 35mm screening of Pink Film The Glamorous Life Of Sachiko Hanai (dir: Mirsuru Mieke, 2003) with a talk by film historian Jasper Sharp (author of Behind The Pink Curtain).

Other Events
The Paracinema Social - An opening night get together with filmmakers and fans alike, for drinks and movie music.
The Legendary Paracinema Quiz - rounds out the weekend with a genre specific film's pretty hard!

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