The ParaPod Film Festival is looking for short-form and feature length documentaries with paranormal subject matter: UFOs and extraterrestrials, ghosts, hauntings and the supernatural, Bigfoot and other cryptids, unsolved mysteries and mystifying discoveries... and all other fringe content! We believe the paranormal genre deserves to be in the spotlight. Our goal is to provide a space in which we can honor what some may consider strange and unusual topics, subject matter that doesn't easily fit into the mainstream.

Official Selections and Finalists will receive digital laurels.

Finalists will receive one VIP Weekend Pass to ParaPod Festival with additional passes being available at a deep discount.

Winners will receive a custom-made, physical ParaPod Award.
Winners will also have the option of screening their award-winning documentary on the ParaPod Roku Channel (a non-exclusive agreement).

The winner of Best Paranormal Documentary Feature will also receive a one-year subscription of WriterDuet Pro ($140 value). WriterDuet is professional, industry-standard screenwriting software used by over a million screenwriters, TV shows, and production companies.

To be judged, the following must be true for all content entered for competition:

- Must have been produced no earlier than the year prior to the current Awards year (for example: entries for 2021 or 2022 must have been produced no earlier than 2020)
- Must be available for public viewing (for example: available on YouTube or Vimeo, streaming on a network like Hulu or Netflix, or had a theatrical release)
- Must be presented as non-fiction or documentarian in nature
- Short-form Documentary Content cannot be longer than 39 minutes
- Feature Documentary Content cannot be shorter than 40 minutes or longer than 120 minutes
- Commercial TV Series Content cannot be shorter than 20 minutes or longer than 60 minutes

All finalist films MUST provide a downloadable, hi-res, digital file or online (YouTube or Vimeo) link for screening at the ParaPod Film Festival.