Palestinian Refugees Film Festival is considered the first international film festival in Palestine specialized in short films that tackle issues of refugees in general and Palestinian refugees in the Occupied Territories and the diaspora. Accordingly, this festival joins other international festivals in concentrating on refugees, their fundamental human rights, which include liberty and freedom of expression, and their active participation in demanding these fundamental rights.

The festival will screen a diverse range of films from September 23 to September25, 2023. Films will be carefully selected from among the films submitted for this significant initiative. Approximately 15 hours of films of various lengths and genres will be screened during the festival, which will comprise documentary, narrative, experimental, and artistic films.

The festival will also host a group of international professionals who will hold workshops and open discussions on several topics of interest to Filmmaking students. This initiative constitutes a coherent cinematic event that aims to enhance the culture of cinema in Palestine and elevate Palestinian Filmmaking students to the international standards requisite for them to excel in this domain

Best short fiction film.
Best short documentary film.

The film must have been completed after January 2020. Films must be available for screening during the Festival.
Commercial, theatrical, or paid T.V. releases will NOT be accepted for this festival.
The online entry form must be completed to be eligible.
The applicant must provide a URL link to the submitted movie.
The film resolution must be at least 1080p.
The film must be translated to either Arabic or English.
The duration of the film must not exceed 20 minutes (including credits).
In the case that several films are submitted by the same applicant, a separate entry form must be submitted for each film.