The 2022 theme is “We Find Ourselves Here”

This year’s theme to the festival is a celebration of the country’s diversity - especially the nation’s multiethnic and multiracial makeup. Therefore, the festival is interested in films where ethnicity is explored, is addressed, or plays a major role in tandem with society’s categorization of people based on wealth, race, education, gender, social status, etc.

The festival is especially - though not exclusively - interested in films that address the challenges and successes experienced by those in immigrant communities such as those of first or second generation German, Irish, Italian, Native American, Black, Latin, or Asian descent.

Specific themes might include:

- individual’s personal identity’s relationship with society
- personal experiences with multicultural or biracial identity
- experiences of marginalization
- integration into community’s dominant culture
- assimilation to dominant culture or merging of cultures
- challenges, struggles, or successes in keeping culture or identity alive

While documentaries are welcome, feature and short dramatic films are especially desired..

Submissions will be narrowed down to a set of finalists. All finalists will have their film screened at the Indie on Main Theater on Main Street in Keyser, WV. One ticket for each finalist will be complimentary; however, they will be responsible for all other expenses. Hosted Bar graciously provided for Festival Entrants and sponsors

Awards will be determined in part by guest jury. Award categories are:

Top Awards on Theme

Best Short Film Award
Best Feature Film Award
Best Documentary Award
Top Emerging Actor Merit Award
Best of Films Sound Merit Award
Best of Films Direction Award
People's Choice Award
[Only films that allow Public Streaming. Please stipulate your permission at time of submission and provide a release statement to allow Paddy Town Film Festival to publicly stream your film at the time of the event.]

Films may be submitted through FilmFreeway.

Submissions WILL NOT be made publicly available for streaming unless expressly requested on part of the submitter.

No compensation, remuneration, or licensing fees will be paid for any content submitted. Content will not be viewed publicly outside of the festival screening unless explicitly agreed to between submitter and host venue.