PRIDE PICTURES Queer Film Festival Karlsruhe
19.10. – 27.10.2024

DE | PRIDE PICTURES Queer Film Festival Karlsruhe präsentiert 7 Tage queeres Kino mit ausgewählten Spiel- und Kurzfilmen sowie Dokumentationen. Wir bieten Themen und Genres, die so vielfältig sind wie die Länder, aus denen die Werke stammen. Bunt, berührend, sehenswert!

EN | PRIDE PICTURES Queer Film Festival Karlsruhe proudly presents 7 days of queer cinema: Features, shorts and documentaries with topics and genres as diverse as their countries of origin.

FR | PRIDE PICTURES Queer Film Festival Karlsruhe présente cinéma queer 7 jours de thèmes et de genres queer aussi divers que leurs pays d'origine.

The festival

Films expand our perception of the world and thus contribute to social change!

The PRIDE PICTURES Queer Film Festival Karlsruhe developed from the
Lesbian-Gay Film Days, which were founded in 1994. Since 2015, the
film festival has been organised by the non-profit association PRIDE PICTURES.
Now one of the largest queer film festivals in Germany, the week-long festival traditionally the end of October shows current international feature films, documentaries and legendary short film programmes. The accompanying festival programme consists of film discussions with filmmakers, the festival party and a high-calibre panel discussion. The films come to us in many different ways. Some of them are submitted by filmmakers or film distributors, sometimes festival members find the films at other festivals such as the Berlinale. The festival offers a forum for a socially committed film culture that is worthy of discussion and sophisticated film culture. The venue is the Kinemathek and Schauburg Karlsruhe, whose staff provide us with logistical, technical and conceptual support. The association also organises special screenings in collaboration with other queer associations.
Member of

PRIDE PICTURES proudly presents:

This year, for the first time in the history of PRIDE PICTURES, a Queer Short Film Award will be handed over to reward the best short film within our festival, selected by an independent jury.
The Queer Short Film Award is sponsored by UNESCO City of Media Arts Karlsruhe.
This prize is endowed with 1000 euros

PRIDE PICTURES PRISM The City of Media Arts Queer Short Film Award

We are looking forward to your submissions!

The PRIDE PICTURES Queer Film Festival Karlsruhe is an International Film Festival and is organised by the PRIDE PICTURES e.V.
PRIDE PICTURES is a major public cultural event in Karlsruhe and region and a unique place for interaction with a film-loving queer public.
The Official Programme of the PRIDE PICTURES comprises the feature films, shorts and documentarys. It is supplemented by the Podium.

Selection Screeners
For selection screenings all films have to be submitted in their original version with English subtitles unless the original version of the film is English.

For PRIDE PICTURES Shorts or films in German language can be submitted in their original versions without subtitles. In case of selection for the festival German or English subtitles will be required.

By submitting the submitter agrees that, for organisational purposes, the festival retains submitted selection screeners until the end of the festival’s current edition (effective date: october 31, 2024). The submitter also agrees that selection screeners (except DCPs) will be made available online in encrypted form to selected festival employees for the purpose of film selection.

If an invitation is extended, the PRIDE PICTURES will also use the corresponding selection screener(s) fand stills or internal festival preparations.

The PRIDE PICTURES will only accept the submission of a film if the submitter is the holder of all usage rights to the film necessary for the submission and use of the film within the context of participation in the PRIDE PICTURES and if the submitter can also effectively grant the PRIDE PICTURES these rights. The PRIDE PICTURES reserves the right to demand appropriate proof of these rights and to reject the submission upon failure to provide it.

General Regulations

Only officially selected films can participate in the PRIDE PICTURES. The invitation to participate is issued by the Artistic Directors of the festival or the section heads, respectively.

Programming of the selected films is likewise made by the Artistic Directors of the festival or the heads of each section, respectively, and is final. Each film can be screened up to three times during the festival. In addition, participants can authorise additional screenings of the selected film during the festival.

To participate in the PRIDE PICTURES, the submitter must accept the invitation in writing, submit the final festival version of the film by the deadline and provide the festival with the supplementary documents, media and information.

In the case of official film selection, PRIDE PICTURES is expressly permitted to create a festival trailer with excerpts from the film and, if necessary, German subtitles for the film. In addition to the film, it is necessary to provide stills in high-resolution format, which may also be used on the festival website.

Official Laurel and Advertising

The participant must ensure that the official festival laurel is clearly visible on all advertising and promotional measures for the participating films.

Overall Rating
  • Cailleah Scott-Grimes

    Great festival! Was not able to attend in person, but communication and publicity materials were excellent. Would love to join again.

    November 2022
  • Aleksei Borovikov

    It was an honor to be a part of this event. The programmers did a great job putting together a beautiful slate of films. Communication was clear and welcoming. I will definitely consider the fest for my upcoming films.

    November 2020
  • Sander Houwen

    Thank you Christian, Andreas, Martin and all other people at Pride Pictures for a great festival experience! We totally agree with Sierra: well selected movies, a nice party (at Alte Hackerei, an old slaughter house) and a tasty Pride Brunch (Prunch). A great festival to be part of! Auf wiedersehen! Sander & Sjoerd (The Task)

    November 2019
  • The staff and attendees at Pride Pictures were phenomenal! They were so welcoming and sweet, every event I attended I was greeted with smiles and excitement. They screened a bunch of very well selected movies in a classy, beautiful theater in the heart of Karlsruhe. Spending the weekend there, I saw posters all over town for the festival. We had screenings, parties, and brunch throughout the festival. Definitely an amazing community and wonderful festival to be included in!

    November 2019
  • Amazing Festival! Great Communication, very nice staff and an incredible selection of films!

    October 2019