The Ozark Mountain Webfest going into 2021, its 4th year, is excited to announce that it is now 100% online. OMWF has showcased Independent Filmmakers from around the globe in all aspects of digital content and created a professional networking environment for content creators. OMWF's goal moving forward is to provide an international platform that will raise visibility for Indie Filmmakers through our online events, which will now being offered in both the spring and fall.

Award Show Winners will get a digital certificate sent to them via email. Winners will be given the option to order an award for the amazing price of $40 plus shipping and handling.
There will be a special jury award as well for the overall fest. The specially chosen jury will pick the best production overall in the festival. The winner will get a specially made omwf trophy!

• Entry Fees are non-refundable

• You may submit for multiple categories, but each Submission requires an entry fee

• Your submission will be eligible for each award available in the category or categories in which you choose with your entry.

• Content Submitters must be 18 years or older

• No pornography

• Submissions must be the intellectual property of the submitter, and/or their team. No proxy submissions are allowed. By submitting to Ozark Mountain Webfest, you confirm that you hold the rights to (or are authorized to use) any and all audio and video in your web series.

• Submissions must have at least TWO (2) produced online episodes available to view at time of entry. EXCEPT FOR CATEGORY SUBMISSIONS

• We will accept all submissions produced in the last 2 years. In subsequent years, productions must be produced within that submitting year, and any previous Ozark Mountain Webfest Official Selections must submit a minimum of 2 episodes from a new season of the project to be eligible for consideration

• Submissions cannot exceed 15 minutes in length.

• Series with individual episodes greater than 15 minutes may submit a shortened version(s) or episode(s) for the purpose of entering into the festival, with a total limit of 15 minutes in length

• Series with individual episodes that are less than 15 minutes in length may submit up to three combined episodes for the purpose of entering into the festival, with a total limit of 15 minutes in length

All submissions must include:
• A short synopsis of the Web Series, short film, or Pilot
• A complete list of credits
• Trailer and or preview clip
• Links to Series, Short Film, or pilot you are wanting judged.
• Please choose the genre that best represents your series even if your series can be classified under more than one category.

Categories are:

• Drama
• Comedy
• SciFi/Fantasy
• Horror
• Documentary/Reality Series or Short
• Family/Faith Series or Short
• Animated Series Or Short
• Pilot
• Short Film

• Duplicate or Multiple submissions under different categories are allowed, but a separate submission form and payment must be made

• One episode with a total running not to exceed 22 or 44 minutes depending on half hour or hour episodes

• Pilots will submit a video teaser (max 15 seconds), the official trailer for the pilot (max 2 minutes) and a promotional poster for the pilot in landscape orientation with a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

• Short Film Submissions must be 30 minutes or less.
• Short Films must submit the film and a promotional poster for the short in landscape orientation with a resolution of 1920 X 1080.
• Entries that are not in English must be dubbed in English or have English subtitles

• All Web Series submitted will be judged according to the same criteria

• All Decisions made by Ozark Mountain Webfest are final

• Selected Entrants will be notified via mail or email


• By entering into Ozark Mountain Webfest, the submitter(s) automatically acknowledge that they understand and accept the festival’s guidelines and terms and conditions

• By entering into Ozark Mountain Webfest, the submitter(s) confirm that they hold all the appropriate rights to the actors, music, etc. and by entering, they release Ozark Mountain Webfest from any claim and all responsibilities relating to or arising from its use of the series

• The Submitter(s) acknowledge that by entering their work and paying the submission fee does not guarantee selection into the Festival. Submitter(s) agree that they are aware that all series will be judged by a selection panel whose decision is final. They accept this risk; understand that the entry fee is non-refundable, and that withdrawing entries is not permitted.

• Its up to submitter(s) to ensure their series is available for viewing by the Ozark Mountain Webfest panel and that the submitted material adheres to the submission criteria and rules and regulations

• By entering into Ozark Mountain Webfest, the submitter(s) and their agents agree to indemnify and hold harmless Ozark Mountain Webfest, it’s board, judges, partners and sponsors from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages and expenses (including but not limited to attorney’s fees and cost of courts) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, failure of the creator/submitter to properly obtain the rights to material submit and/or screened and loss of or damage to the screening of the web series/pilot/ short film entry

• By entering the submitter(s) grant Ozark Mountain Webfest the right to use all material submitted and any excerpt thereof, including name of web series, logo, content, video clips (trailer, teaser) for presentation of awards, highlight reels, and promotional material.

• By entering into the Ozark Mountain Webfest, submitter(s) agree to hold Ozark Mountain Webfest and its employees, directors and representatives harmless from any and all losses, damages, rights, claims and actions of any kind in connection with the event or resulting from acceptance, possession or use of any prize.

• Ozark Mountain Webfest reserves the right to amend guidelines, selection criteria, awards, screening, and activities if necessary

• All federal and state laws apply.

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