"One of the country's best film festivals." — Fangoria

"Bloody hell! We love the Overlook Film Festival! There's nowhere else in the world that could make our strange band of vampires feel so welcome. We send our undying respect to everyone from the organizers to the fans who make this festival the coolest place on this or any planet." — Jim Jarmusch

"One of the 25 Bloody Best Genre Festivals in the World." — MovieMaker Magazine

"The best time I’ve ever had at a film festival. Full stop." — Bloody Disgusting

"Literally the best fest experience I had ever been a part of." — Collider

"One of our absolute favorite festivals" — Screen Anarchy

The Overlook Film Festival is a 4-day celebration of horror held in America's most haunted city, New Orleans.

Presenting superior film programming with an expanded focus on experiential events, the festival showcases exciting new work in new and classic independent horror cinema alongside the latest in interactive and live shows for a fully immersive weekend. As a summer camp for genre fans, The Overlook is a community event bringing the best of horror in all its forms to an enthusiastic and appreciative audience within an intimate and inspirational environment.

Past honorees include Roger Corman, Jason Blum and Leigh Whannell, and guests include Nicolas Cage, Jim Jarmusch, Joe Dante, John Goodman, Robert Rodriguez, Eli Roth, Taika Waititi, Ari Aster, Ana Lily Amirpour, Paul Scheer, Roxanne Benjamin, Darren Lyn Bousman, and more.

Past screenings include closing night presentations of EVIL DEAD RISE, HEREDITARY and THE BLACK PHONE and the world premiere of RENFIELD with Nicolas Cage in person. Advisors of the festival include Elijah Wood (LORD OF THE RINGS, SpectreVision), Joe Dante (GREMLINS, THE HOWLING), Leigh Whannell (SAW, INSIDIOUS), Karyn Kusama (THE INVITATION, GIRLFIGHT) and industry luminaries from organizations such as LucasFilm, Sundance, and Blumhouse.

More Testimonials from Previous Filmmakers:
"A truly unforgettable experience. Overlook showcases an incredibly diverse body of films that reflect the entire spectrum of horror. The festival staff were great partners and took such good care of us.” — Chris Mckay (RENFIELD, THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE)

"There isn't really another festival like the Overlook Film Festival. It's such a beautifully curated good time, for filmmakers and fans and everyone in between. I get why people travel from across America to attend this festival — it feels like a community, and that community gets to gather and share what they love most: Horror films that make you think, laugh, and jump." — David Farrier (MISTER ORGAN, TICKLED)

"Overlook was a perfect festival experience. There was such thoughtful programming and so much audience engagement, and the quality of the venue was superb. I found myself attending so many other films just as a fan — the festival introduced me to amazing horror premieres of films I hadn't heard of as well as movies I was already desperate to see. Their special events were great bonding experiences and good old-fashioned morbid fun. It definitely lived up to the spirit of its host city, the most haunted and celebratory place on earth." -Laura Moss (BIRTH/REBIRTH)

"I had the best experience at Overlook. I met so many amazing filmmakers from around the world. There were experiences, meet-ups and parties galore. The food was *chef's kiss*. And best of all, the programmed films celebrated the diversity and breadth of horror. Other film festivals could take a cue from the creativity and excellence of Overlook." — Michael Schwartz (SNATCHED)

"The Overlook Film Festival continues to raise the bar for genre fests. Its cunning programming, unique live experiences, and devoted curators, organizers, and jury make it a thrilling event for horrormakers and our rabid fans…" — Zeke Farrow (POSSESSIONS)

"There's not enough space to write just how much I love this festival! The organizers are absolutely fantastic, and they treat their filmmakers amazingly! Even going online because of the pandemic, it was an absolute blast. I will be coming back every year to this one!" — Angel Hernandez Suarez (NOM)

"Overlook is a blast of a film festival! It was an honor to be included in such a top notch lineup. Even beyond the films, the events programmed were some of the best and most informative I've seen. I'm looking forward to be back!" — Jorge Lucas (BAKEMONO)

The festival offers the following prizes:

Feature Film Audience Award
Short Film Audience Award
Feature Film Jury Award
Short Film Jury Award

All films must have been completed after January 2023.

Feature films must not have screened on U.S. television, in commercial release or on the Internet prior to the dates of the festival

All films not in English must be subtitled in English for presentation.

Entry materials will not be returned.

The Overlook Film Festival is hereby granted the right to utilize an excerpt or stills from any film submitted and accepted for exhibition at the Festival and in perpetuity thereafter for promotional purposes.

The individual or corporation submitting the film hereby warrants that it is authorized to commit the film for screening, and understands and accepts these requirements and regulations.

The undersigned shall indemnify and hold harmless The Overlook Film Festival and The Brooklyn Film Center Inc from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered.

Only Secure Online Screeners will be accepted as a submission format. Please do not send DVDs.

Overall Rating
  • Jake Myers

    This was the best festival experience I’ve ever had as a filmmaker. Overlook set up fun things for filmmakers and festival goers all over New Orleans. The fest directors were approachable, communicative, and generous in their efforts to make this a worthwhile experience. Their programming team put together an amazing lineup of films and I feel so honored to be part of this crew of horror filmmakers. It’s special and anyone who is vaguely interested in horror films should go.

    April 2024
  • Suki-Rose Etter

    Overlook film festival has a sort of lightening in a bottle quality that many festivals try to capture and few achieve. A festival that is simultaneously for the filmmakers and the fans. Screening at Overlook was rapturous, raucous, and a wild good time. Only at Overlook will someone walk up to you say “would you like to put tarantulas on your face?” And only at Overlook is the answer a resounding YES! The care put into the programing of the films and immersive experiences makes you feel like you’re in really good ghoulish hands. I met so many other amazing filmmakers who I can’t wait to collab with and chart along their careers. I’m a ‘look-y for life!

    April 2024
  • Cricket Arrison

    This is a DREAM festival to attend as a filmmaker (or audience member!) It's so obvious that this place is run with love and care by real people who just want everyone to have a great time and see amazing movies. The live events are such a special part of the experience as well. It's super well organized, SO fun to be in New Orleans, and the programming is just incredible. I was really touched with how easy they make it for filmmakers to see everything they want to - that's not always the case and it makes such a difference. I'm so grateful I got to be a part of the Overlook community. Submit your film or LIVE WITH REGRET FOREVER!

    April 2024
  • One of the best film festivals I've ever attended. The hospitality was amazing with so many offerings (brunch, happy hours, even some of their immersive experiences and an escape room!) on top of having access to all of the films and events. The programming was terrific and our shorts block had a packed audience. There was so much to do and see, we couldn't do it all. This festival takes great care of their filmmakers and the communication is excellent. I hope to return again and again. Thank you to the team at Overlook!

    April 2024
  • Brea Grant

    This is a fantastic genre festival. Incredibly nice and communicative programmers. Well-attended and lots of opportunities to connect with filmmakers and attendees.

    April 2024