OTICONS FACULTY is the most established and ground-breaking international Film Music Competition. It takes place completely on-line and invites film scoring talents from all over the world and all walks of life to participate and submit their custom-made compositions for the given Assignments. The challenging Assignments and the stellar Jury of the OTICONS FACULTY, are the elements that define this Competition as the most distinct from any other film music contest in the world.

The OTICONS FACULTY aims at enabling talented film composers to implement their highest composing skills, make them navigate in musical depths away from mainstream conveniences and above all inspire them to achieve the highest aesthetics of music for films.

It is now considered the best Film Music Platform of discovering, promoting and mentoring professionally the aspiring, emerging and even working - yet unknown before to the film industry - film composing talents.

For more information on the contest's structure and awards please read thoroughly the ASSIGNMENTS page and the AWARDS page.

You can find the OTICONS FACULTY Official Rules here: