Festival dates : May 21 – 31, 2022

We will inform you promptly for the dates of the contests if they are changed or the event is run online.


Every culture and every cultural expression have always been linked to a symbolism. Symbols are precisely the topic we have chosen for the next, eleventh, edition of OtherMovie Lugano Film Festival. A very broad theme, which allows us to range between family life, ways of life, religions, clothing and customs, of different cultures and societies. Symbols are also widely used in cinematography, since its origins.

But the theme is also suitable for reflecting on the evolution of symbols. Is it a forgotten language? Or to be rediscovered? And possibly in what way? Let's just think of Switzerland: are mountains, banks, neutrality, chocolate, cheeses and watches - and therefore by extension punctuality - really its most distinctive symbols? And what symbols do the other cultures present in the country carry with them? Discussion points that we will try to develop, as per our practice, as well as with original cinematographic proposals also through debates, events and artistic activities of various kinds. The festival, in fact, for a decade has been trying to cultivate its soul open to different artistic and cultural expressions, eager to promote the dignity of the different and of diversity and cultural exchange.

After having had to postpone its proposals to autumn during the last two editions, for next year OtherMovie would like to return to its original location. The appointment, therefore, is for May 2022.

Competition regulations
Subscription to the mandatory competition via the platform: https://filmfreeway.com/submissions. Eventually we also accept digital files transferred via We transfer (or other digital sending methods). Request by email: info@othermovie.ch

Without any compensation, with all the material, without prejudice to the indication of the authors. The organization will be able to advertise through press, radio, TV, web, targeted posters, blow-ups, etc ... .. those works that, in the opinion of the artistic direction, have the requisites of opportunity for a public call and have nothing to expect for the above described.
For the reasons of promotion the winning films are offered to the public still in the Spin-Off during the year, without profit.
The works will be part of the festival.

"Sguardo da vicino" short-film competition and 30 'Maximum duration for the contest. Other section and indefinite duration.
For Best Animated Short have to be under 15 minutes and produced not earlier than 24 months before their submission to this competition.

The contents of the works presented in the competition must be in compliance with the current legislation on copyright. The Management of the Other Film Festival declines all responsibility in this regard.

Participation in the competition implies the sole personal responsibility of the author for any irregularities in this area. The Artistic Direction reserves with the unquestionable discretion to exclude from the competition.

The finalists of the competition will receive a communication from the organization by May 14 – 22, 2022

Who we are
We are a non-profit working group promoting, from Lugano and right across the Italian part of Switzerland, the art of film making in its multifarious nuances and components.
OtherMovie Lugano Film Festival aims to act as a cultural bridge between East and West whilst lending visibility to quality art house cinema.

Why OtherMovie?
The choice of calling it “OtherMovie” reflects the desire to offer its audience a “different” film festival from what is currently on offer in festivals across Ticino and the rest of Switzerland.
The name “OtherMovie” is the final act which lends visibility to a more structured concept that shifts the perspective from where to view the festival.
“Other/Different” because , while the festival is indeed an window on movies, it wishes to use first of all this noble art to discuss and publicize current issues that touch - across a broad spectrum upon our society, times and every culture.

What makes OtherMovie
OtherMovie is:
• An intercultural platform where different cultures meet.
• An’“Agora” (i.e. a meeting place) where current affairs are discussed.
• A lab where movies open up towards other art forms thereby finding the ideal dimension in which to express their own interpretation of current affairs.
• A network of artists and experts who come together in order to reach a greater and better understanding of our society.
• A socially-engaged cultural operator who builds bridges: between East and West, North and South. In our view, art unites different worlds.

The OtherMovie format
OtherMovie’s format defines its very essence:
• The yearly choice of a current affairs theme around which the entire list of events is developed.
• Movies, talks, workshops, concerts, photo exhibitions, performance art and other are scheduled on the basis of the theme of each edition.
• Co-operation with local and international artists, experts and cultural operators.
• Presentation of related events during the year in conjunction with other cultural operators and partners.

The themes so far:
In its first five editions, OtherMovie has put forward the following themes:
2012: “Zero” edition, with disability issues as its main topic
2013: Childhood and Adolescence
2014: Art and Femininity
2015: Freedom of Being
2016: Transitions and Migrations
2017: Violence (un)veiled
2018: EconomicaMente"
2019: "Quo Vadis Familia"
2020: Ecology | Sustainability | Climate
2021: Past and Future: «Sculpting in Time»

The editions so far: facts and numbers
OtherMovie has managed to grow over the first five editions and gain the respect of film lovers thanks to its themes, the wide range of movies shown and the events it has organized. Here are some significant numbers that mark its success:
• Overall number of spectators per edition: 1000
• Overall number of movies shown per edition: 80 (feature films, shorts and documentary films)
• Overall number of participating countries per edition: 27
• Overall number of festival partners per edition: 10 (Swiss and international).
OtherMovie and the media
OtherMovie has its own website www.othermovie.ch and may be found on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).
Furthermore, throughout the year OtherMovie gets visibility on the local and international press with various articles, interviews and in advertorials.
We are also active across Ticino all year round by offering our own ‘spin-off’ events or working in conjunction with other local associations. We get radio space too, particularly during the festival which is covered by local radio stations as well as by the state one (RSI – Radiotelevisione svizzera).

For further information, please see : www.othermovie.ch , or email us at: info@othermovie.ch

• per il Miglior Film della sezione [S]GUARDO DA VICINO
(Cash Award Value 600 Swiss Francs)
• per il Miglior regia [S]GUARDO DA VICINO
(1st Place: Cash Award Value 500 Swiss Francs )
- Miglior film di animazione "OtherMovie Award for Best Animated Short Film"
(1st Place: Cash Award Value 300 Swiss Francs )

Overall Rating
  • E poi arriva Menny

    I am very happy that our short "E poi arriva Menny" was among the finalists of this festival. I thank the organizers for selecting us. thank you very much

    June 2022
  • Víctor González Rubio

    It is very interesting the motivation of the awards. I have participated in the OtherMovie VideoArt Contest section.
    Es muy interesante la motivación que hacen de los premios. He participado en la sección OtherMovie VideoArt Contest.

    November 2021
  • Mariano Turek

    Excelente festival!! Desde el primer momento, nos han tratado de maravillas y hemos tenido una excelente comunicación en todo momento. Estamos muy contentos de que nuestra película "Algo con una mujer" haya participado de la edición del 2021. Por razones de protocolo Covid entre nuestros países no hemos podido estar presentes en el festival pero ansiamos visitarlos en un futuro cercano.

    October 2021
  • Jack R. Williams

    Thank you so much for choosing my movie 'Train of Thought' for the OtherSwissShort category. I'm really flattered that you felt it worthy of selection and hope that the audience enjoyed it. I hope to submit to the festival again and come in person. Take care, Jack

    October 2021
  • Great festival I loved to fest

    January 2021