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:to express an opinion about something.

We are excited to announce the call for Opine's 5th season!

We are also excited to announce that we have relocated the festival to Philadelphia, PA. We are hoping to bring Screendance and dance film to the Philly community and grow its ever evolving presence!

Opine Dance Film Festival is an annual event that celebrates dance film makers nationally and internationally who are creating work with meaning. We love witnessing an artist who creates with a purpose, has a story to tell, and puts their identity into every inch of their craft.

The annual festival includes a professional adjudicated program. All submissions go through a curation process by a panel of jurors. The jury is comprised of local choreographers, filmmakers, and performing artists.

The professional, adjudicated program will accept dance film submissions from Screendance artists nationally and internationally. The title of "Festival Favorite" will be awarded at the end of the program. ​

For our 5th year, we are also including a Student program. It is free for students to submit, and is a great launching point for those first experimenting and creating with Screendance!

We are hoping to raise enough funds for our 5th year to award our Festival Favorite from the professional, adjudicated program with a monetary award. More info TBD.