The Opificer Media Student film festival is open to current High School and Undergraduate College video and film students to submit their work. 1 - 10min Short Films, and skits.The following genres accepted are: Animation, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Horror (excessive gore will not be accepted into the festival) and Sci-Fi. All work must be original and have been completed no longer than one year from the festival deadline of November 1st 2019. All music in entrees must have written proof of copyright privileges. The festival screening is 7pm November 15th at Heritage High School in Brentwood Ca (The city, not the neighborhood in LA).

Award certificates will be given to the following categories: Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best High School Short Film, Best College Short Film, Best in Show.

Best in Show winner will also receive: A $100 Cash Prize

Best College Short Film will also receive: A $50 Cash Prize.

Best High School Short Film will also receive: A $50 Cash Prize

No student film produced by students older than 25 years of age will be accepted. Films must be produced entirely by students and only advised by teachers, mentors, or professionals. Films must be entered by a current student in either high school or college. Proof of enrollment in school will be required to receive any of the awards or prizes. Proof of enrollment can be a scan student ID or school transcript.