Due to the current situation, UICA’s Open Projector Night is excited to announce that we’re launching an At Home Short Film Contest! We’re encouraging filmmakers to get creative and shoot a short film within their own home using only their smartphone.
All genres and subject matter will be accepted.

Please note*
This isn’t a typical Open Projector Night and the winning film will premier online rather than screening in our venue. However, once we resume normal hours of operation the winning film will screen in our next Open Projector Night in front of a live audience.

About UICA:

UICA presents innovative art, movies, and educational programs that represent our world today. Our programs foster belonging by sharing perspectives that grow an equitable, thriving culture, and community.

The winner will receive:

*UICA Family Level Membership (validated once we reopen)
*2 UICA film passes
*UICA quarantine mask
*Winning film will screen in the next Open Projector Night in front of a live audience.
*Winning film will be hosted on UICA's web-site with an interview with the filmmaker.

While there is no limitation on film genre or subject matter, submissions must conform to these guidelines:

• Less than 3 minutes in duration
• Film must be shot on a smartphone
• The film must not be plagiarized from other works
• Filmmakers can use their own original music in their film, or they may use music that is copyright-free or public domain
• Film must be submitted no later than Wednesday, June 3rd
• Due to the current pandemic we ask that while shooting your film you please keep other people’s safety in mind

This means the following:
1) Don’t invite additional friends/family into your home at this time. Be creative and use what you already have access to.
2) The film must be shot in your home to protect the safety of others.
3) Have fun, be creative, and enjoy yourself.

Overall Rating
  • Michael Simpson Jr.

    I was an official selection of this festival a few years back and I loved it! They're really great people! I intend on entering again this year :)

    January 2020
  • Stephen Crompton

    I had a wonderful evening at the UICA, a venue with a terrific cinema that houses a state of the art projection system. The organizers are passionate about screening films from the region and connecting people from the filmmaking community in Michigan. Everyone was very welcoming and the sizable audience was eager to discuss. I look forward to entering future works for consideration!

    August 2018
  • OPN at the UICA provides a curated presentation of diverse work from around the state. Good projection and sound supported by an enthusiastic and avid local film community make this an awesome venue to screen.

    May 2018
  • August Busch

    I hadn't heard of UICA's Open Projector Night until I was looking to submit. This quarterly event is a fun showcase of Michigan filmmakers and films with a Michigan connection. It was small, but well-organized. The UICA is a great venue, and I would definitely be interested in submitting again.

    November 2017
  • Anna Zorn

    Although I wasn't able to attend the festival, I received an email the next day letting me know my film placed 3rd in the best of the fest and offered to mail the prize. Thanks so much for supporting our film! The kids (and parents of those kids) involved with the project were ecstatic to be featured in your festival. Thank you!

    November 2017