Dear filmmakers,
Taking into consideration the state of emergency in Armenia, the restrictions of social life and activities, aiming at preventing the novel coronavirus desease (COVID-19) spread. Hoping to overcome this universal anxiety with minimum damage, we inform you, that the

will take place on September 04 - 11.2020

The information concerning further development will be posted on the festival's FB page: The festival's FB page and work e-mail are available for questions and clarifications.

"One Shot" promotes independent film production in Armenia. Submitted films have no limitations in shooting format. Films can be shot on cell phones, film and HD cameras. Competition has three categories: "One Minute - One Shot", "Short Movies" and "Cinema Without Border". There are special programs and panel discussions too.

"One Shot" International Short Film Festival is an open cinema platform. It was founded in 2003. The founder president is Gagik Ghazareh. Founder organization: Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art. Symbol of the festival represents a three-dimensional statue of ancient rock carving from Geghama mountain which is 5000 years old.

- "One Minute One Shot" Films (10sec titles + 60 seconds film without editing). No FEE
- "Short Film" up to 30 min (Titles included). 2$ FEE
- "Cinema Without Borders", experimental, videoart, human rights. 2$ FEE

* Best "One Minute One Shot"
* Best Armenian "One Minute One Shot"
* Special Mention
* Best Short
* Best Armenian Short
* Special Mentions
* Best "Cinema Without Borders"
* Best Armenian "Cinema Without Borders"
* Special Mentions


1. The film presented must be one minute long: 10sec. titles + 60seconds film.
2. The titles must be 10 seconds long at the beginning of one minute film.
English subtitles are required.
3. Film must be shot in one frame. Shots cannot be cut, combined or mixed into one (chroma key is not allowed).
4. Multiplication in animation is not against the rules as it is a production technique. However direct editing, cuts in different scenes (close up - middle, etc) are not allowed.
5. The author is free to express his/her ideas and views in any form and genre.

1. Up to 30 minutes, including titles.
2. Animations are not accepted for this category.

1. Video art, experimental or “OTHER” films are shown. FEATURE LENGTH FILMS can be submitted. Special focus is on films covering Human Rights

Individuals, production companies, festivals are welcome to present their film program or projects.

1. “One minute one shot” films have no entry fee.
2. International short films and film without border: 2$ fee.
3. Films must have English subtitles.
4. All submitted films have to be labeled with a date, film title and the filmmaker's name.
5. Film must have been completed within two years prior to the festival date.
6. Demos or unfinished films are not accepted.
7. The filmmaker declares that he/she has the copyright of the work including photography and sound. The case where copyrights have been violated festival takes no responsibility.


1. Festival will judge the submitted films and select for “One Minute” / “Short Films” / “Cinema Without Borders” categories for screenings in June.
2. Participants not included in program will be informed via email before the festival's official opening.
3. Selected films will be archived and could be screened for promotional and non-commercial purposes after the festival.

Overall Rating
  • Bill Sandidge

    Thank you for all your efforts .Amazing to think an independent film , made in Texas, can be screened halfway around the world with just the click of a computer key.

    September 2020
  • Rodrigo Pardo

    Very nice festival even in this covid situation

    September 2020
  • Mohammad Zamani

    One of the best short film festivals.

    September 2020
  • This was my first appearance
    I hope to be present in the years to come

    September 2020
  • Pierre Yves Clouin

    bravo bravo bravo, well done

    September 2020