DreamEmpire Films in conjunction with the One Race Human Race Foundation are Proud to announce the Second Annual 2020 #OneRaceHumanRace International Film Festival celebrating cultural diversity in the arts.

The One Race Human Race Foundation. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on providing hope and unbiased opportunities across racial lines to persons interested in improving and adding meaning to their lives. We do this by several methods but this particular venture partners DreamEmpire Films, LLC with our charity to focus on promoting underrepresented voices in the entertainment industry and fostering the support of inclusive content production and distribution. The One Race Human Race Foundation believes that by shedding a light on content creators talent and influencers, advertisers and content distributors a difference can be made in media, spearheading a new revolution of media that accurately reflects the cultural diversity of our country.
We encourage submission from content creators and media industry leaders, which support and create content that showcases positive female and diverse role models and eliminates negative or unconscious bias and stereotyping.
We are focused on working with our partners and the community to foster inclusivity in the entertainment industry and love content that moves, touches and inspires audiences to embrace our rich tapestry of American culture eradicating sexism and racism in the industry.

Trophies are presented at the final awards ceremony gala, which is free for two (2) representatives of each film and script.

The Festival will call attention to its award winners and nominees via major media outlets, television appearances and award recipients will be listed with graphic of their submitted project on the website throughout the Festival's history.

Winners projects falling in each category will be presented for consideration to our well-connected partners in the Hollywood film industry, all submissions additionally will be considered for distribution partnership with DreamEmpire Films, LLC-S.

Please thoroughly review the submission requirements below. Refunds will not be made for filmmakers who submit material that is ineligible.
By submitting a film, the submitter (“Filmmaker”) hereby irrevocably offers to One Race Human Race Film Festival (“Festival”) the right to screen the submitted project herewith (“Film”) at the 2020 One Race Human Race Film Festival at times to be determined by the Festival in its sole discretion. Filmmaker understands and agrees that once Festival accepts Filmmaker’s offer by selecting the Film for the Festival, Filmmaker shall have no right to remove the Film from the Festival, but Filmmaker shall not be barred from submitting or screening the Film at any other film festival or event outside a 25 mile radius of the One Race Human Race Film Festival. If Festival selects the Film for the Festival, Festival shall have the irrevocable right, but not the obligation, to screen the film at the 2020 One Race Human Race Film Festival, in Festival’s sole discretion.
Scripts accepted as Official Selections are listed in the Festival's official Program Guide by Title, Name of Writer and Synopsis and listings are worded in a manner acceptable to the Festival. If a Film is accepted by the Festival, a copy of the film must be provided to the Festival on or prior to the stated deadline, which will be a minimum of four (4) weeks from the date of notification. Additionally, Filmmaker must agree to these Rules & Terms via email in order to secure a place in the Festival. If the Film is revised or re-edited between the date of submission and the date of screening, Festival shall have the right to choose which version of the Film to screen, in Festival’s sole discretion.
All scripts accepted are considered Official Selections of the One Race Human Race Film Festival in the same manner in which a film is named an Official Selection. Screenwriters are not considered finalists. The distinction means scripts accepted may use the Festival's official laurel for marketing purposes and screenwriters are equal to filmmakers in terms of Festival passes and access to all Festival events. Official Selections, including scripts, are not guaranteed a nomination or mention at the awards ceremony gala, but they are guaranteed a listing in the Program Guide, subject to abiding by the Festival's terms and conditions.
Festival reserves the right to revoke selection of the Film for screening if Festival determines, in its sole discretion, it has good cause to do so; one example of good cause as used herein is unprofessional behavior by Filmmaker or Filmmaker’s representative(s). Even if Festival revokes selection of the Film for cause, the terms of this Agreement shall remain binding and in force.
Filmmaker irrevocably grants Festival the right to use, for promotional purposes, an excerpt from the Film if it is selected for screening at the Festival. The Festival reserves the right to change, delay or cancel the annual awards announcement ad campaign without prior notice.

Film Lengths & Screenplays Accepted and Applicable Timeframes
• Screenplays of all lengths
• Feature-length Fiction and Documentary Films (more than 51 minutes)
• Short films (less than 26 minutes)
• Mid-length short films (between 26 and 50 minutes)
• High school shorts (less than 20 minutes)
• Web Series (less than 12 minutes)

• All films submitted must have a theme aligned with the purpose of our charity, focusing on cultural diversity, racism, o r humanity in general or at minimum demonstrating inclusivity in casting.
• Any feature films that have had paid commercial theatrical, television, or internet play in the US are ineligible.
• Episodic content and Music Videos are ineligible.
• Feature films in a language other than English must be subtitled in English for Festival consideration and presentation.
• For submission purposes, films may be works-in-progress, with temporary color, soundtracks, score or digital outputs.
• Filmmakers must deliver final format (as indicated in the “Screening Requirements” section below) for Festival screenings. No exceptions will be permitted.

Submission Requirements
• An online submission form completed accurately and in its entirety, submitted digitally via www.DreamEmpireFilms.com
• An online screener submitted digitally
• Submission fee payment
• Do not submit a press kit. We will request press kits only once a film has been accepted.
You may submit more than one film, but each film must be accompanied by its own completed submission form and submission fee.
Screening Requirements
If your project is selected for exhibition, please be advised that the Festival will require:
• For feature-length films, and shorts: DCP (must be DCI compliant)
• For shorts: Quicktime files (Native Resolution, using Pro-Res 422 Codec) on DVD data disc or hard drive, or DCP (must be DCI compliant).
• Digital press kits with photo stills (color and black/white)
• Headshots of director(s)
• One sentence synopsis of film; 150 word synopsis of film
• Trailers, clip reels, posters, postcards and electronic press kit

*All proceeds from the 2020 #OneRaceHumanRace foundation film festival will go to the One Race Human Race Foundation, Inc. a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
Contact Info: www.DreamEmpireFilms.org, www.OneRaceHuman.org, email: dreamempireproductions@gmail.com

Film Festival Submission Guidelines
DreamEmpire Films in conjunction with the One Race Human Race Foundation are Proud to announce the First Annual 2019 #OneRaceHumanRace Film Festival

Submission Deadlines
Earlybird Deadline: Oct 22, 2019
Regular Deadline: December 31, 2019
Extended Deadline: January 3, 2020
Submission Fees
$25.00 Earlybird, $35.00 Standard, $55.00 Extended - Screenplays
$29.00 Earlybird, $39.00 Standard, $59.00 Extended - Student Shorts
$39.00 Earlybird, $49.00 Standard, $69.00 Extended - Web Series
$49.00 Earlybird, $59.00 Standard, 79.00 Ext. - Short & Mid-length Shorts
$99.00 Earlybird, $110.00 Standard, $130.00 Extended - Feature Films

Please thoroughly review the submission requirements above. Refunds will not be made for filmmakers who submit material that is ineligible.

Overall Rating
  • I'm so excited to see my short screenplay as a winner! It's really motivating :) Thank you!!!

    August 2020
  • Cheryl Jacobs Crim

    In this crazy COVID year, events like the One Race Human Race Festival are so important. Now more than ever we need to stay hopeful and raise each other up and that is what this festival does. The people at the festival were warm and welcoming. It was an honor to have Resisterhood screen alongside some truly brilliant films. Thank you.

    August 2020
  • Great festival. Wish I could make it in person, look forward to submitting next year. Wonderfull festival overall.

    April 2019
  • Lisa Maydwell

    A great film festival. Great networking opportunity.

    April 2019