One Dem Minute Film Festival believes that original videos, from a variety of voices and styles, can inspire “squishy” Democrats, Undecideds, and Independents to vote for Democratic candidates in 2024. This content can also arm Democrats with helpful talking points to counteract the barrage of right-wing lies and propaganda we all encounter daily. WE WANT YOU…to unleash your creativity and help preserve our democracy!

HOW IT WORKS: You can submit a video on any topic you think would help get Democrats elected, or check out the provided list of Categories -- potential issues which could be key determiners in how people vote. (You can also see how other filmmakers were inspired on the Past Finalists page of our website.)

Whether you’re a seasoned video creator or a “newbie” with nothing more than a phone, we want to see your vision!

Finalists will be chosen by the festival organizers, and winners by an esteemed panel of judges. (Judges will remain impartial by not evaluating videos by content creators they know, and alternate Judges will be found in those cases.)

We will hold an in-person screening and awards ceremony in Los Angeles for all finalist videos over Labor Day Weekend. Can’t make it to LA? Not to worry, we’ll live-cast the event over the Internet, so all will be able to enjoy the fun and festivities!

Finalist videos will be distributed as far and wide as our arms can possibly reach, through partnerships and alliances with influencers of all sorts (celebrities, professional and political organizations, community partners), as well as through paid advertising. We will do our “Demdest” to get your ideas and content into the public sphere in the months leading up to the general election — and ultimately to the eyeballs of “squishy” Democrats, Independents, and other Undecided voters.

1. Submissions will be accepted April 1 – July 31, 2024, and the FilmFreeway link will be live during that time if you wish to use their portal for submission (recommended).

2. Video submission must be a minimum of 15 seconds and a maximum of 3 minutes in length.

3. Videos should address specific political messaging issues, from a list of Topics provided by the festival below (including Wild Card if you have your own idea).

4. All ages and professional levels may enter. We’re looking for the most creative and impactful videos, not necessarily the most polished.

5. Entrants may enter as many videos, about as many topics, as they wish. Note that number of festival entries will have no bearing on entrant’s chances of being a finalist, and we prefer quality over quantity!

6. Videos can be in English, Spanish or American Sign Language. If submitting a video in Spanish or ASL, please include English subtitles. | Los videos pueden estar en ingles, español o ASL, pero los que están en español o ASL deben tener subtítolos en ingles.

7. Videos can be comedic, serious, live-action, animated, graphic, musical…any style the creator chooses. We strongly encourage content that elicits a strong emotional response, such as laughter, fear, excitement, etc.

8. “Adult Content” (such as profanity and nudity) is allowed, but please note that it may be bleeped and/or blurred for the final screening event. Cartoonish violence, such as in a horror genre video, is also acceptable. Content with graphic violence, cruelty, or hate speech will not be accepted.

9. Any music must be original or royalty-free, or you must submit proof that you (and we) are legally able to use it.

10. Finalists will be chosen by the festival organizers by August 15, and winners by an esteemed panel of judges. (Judges will remain impartial by not evaluating videos by content creators they know, and alternate Judges will be found in those cases.) Finalist videos will be screened, and winners will be announced, at our gala event on September 1, 2024.

11. ENTRANTS MUST SIGN A RELEASE FORM that allows their content to be shown anywhere and in any media by the festival, its judges, and its affiliated organizations. Release form can be downloaded from our Google drive here: and email it to: