Dance & Music is a part of the On Art Film Festival - the biggest open-air film festival in Central Europe, with it’s 13th edition in 2024.

With each year we received more and more movies about dance and music. That's why in 2022 we have decided to introduce a new sub-section of On Art Festival, which would focus on dance and music films specifically: On Art - Dance & Music Film Festival.

The Finale of the On Art - Dance & Music Film Festival is planned for the 15-18th of August 2024 in the Chono Lulu, Park Pięciu Sióstr, Warsaw. During the 4-day celebration events such as film screenings, live music and dance shows will be taking place.

Submit your film - if you are the author of:
- a music video,
- a dance movie,
- a documentary about music or dance artists,
- a feature film with a plot strongly connected to music or dance.

On Art - Dance & Music Film Festival is dedicated to all popular dance and music genres. So if your film is about classical music and/or dance, we invite you to send your submission for the regular On Art contest:

Show your movie to Polish audience in the summer 2024. Be a part of On Art - Dance & Music Film Festival.

On Art - Dance & Music Festival is open to both categories of filmmakers: professional and independent. All main genres - music video, dance impression, fiction, documentary and animation - are accepted.

Our professional jury will choose:
30 music videos / dance videos,
30 short movies,
10 medium or full-length movies.
The chosen films will be shown at the Festival.

You can submit your film to one of the 8 categories:

- Music video professional (up to 7 mins)
- Music video independent (up to 7 mins)
- Short professional (up to 12 mins)
- Short independent (up to 12 mins)
- Medium length professional (12 - 70 mins)
- Medium length independent (12 - 70 mins)
- Feature film professional (over 70 mins)
- Feature film independent (over 70 mins).

The best movies from each category will be rewarded diplomas and sponsors' gifts.

1. The film is produced after the 1st of January 2022. 

2. Dance and/or music should play the most important role in a movie.

3. All main genres are accepted: documentary, fiction, animation, impression, video art, music video, experimental.

4. Films with special methods of screening, such as 3D or VR glasses, are not accepted.

5. The festival accepts submissions via FilmFreeway only. We don’t accept physical submissions via post or e-mail (i.e. DVD, flash drive).

6. Films in a language other than English or Polish must have English subtitles.

7. One author can submit any number of works but each film must have a separate entry and fee. 

8. Deadline for entries: March 31, 2024. 

9. List of selected films: April 30, 2024. 

10. If selected, participants will be notified via e-mail. The information will also be shared on our website.

11. The decisions of the Jury are final. The festival will not explain the decisions to the contestants.

12. Screening copy must be sent using online platforms with downloading options, such as,,, etc.

13. Recommended digital format: MPEG4 / H.264 codec, HD 1920x1080, stereo.

14. The Festival do not pay any fees to the authors for screening films and do not cover any expenses related to participation in the Festival, such as travel or accommodation costs.

15. By submitting the film you declare that you have a full copyright of the film and you accept screenings of the film during the festival and eight months after its end. You grant to the Festival a non-exclusive license to use the film in outdoor and indoor screenings, for advertising purposes and other promotional materials.

16. The Festival may use selected shots, information about the authors, photos or stills from the film - for advertising purposes on the website and social media.

Overall Rating
  • We are very gratefull that our documentary Hans van Manen - Just dance the steps was selected and shown at the festival and eventually ended up as a winner in the category Medium. The communication, enthusiasm and overall quality was great!

    January 2024
  • It was dissapointing in that I had started to announce my film's selection to On Art, but received a mail about 10 days later, stating that although it might have looked like the film was selected it was not - only among the top 100. That's PRE-SELECTED and I wish they would know the difference by now after 9 years of making festivals. Not again.

    August 2023