The Omni-Cultural TV Festival and NATPE's mission is to connect diverse emerging independent producers with industry professionals and distributors who can buy and sell content. We aim to give a hand up to those with brilliant ideas but whom may not have access to the right contacts. We believe the next big hit in television can come from anyone. We believe diversity is key in entertainment and pride ourselves on having representatives from all platforms, ethnic groups and cultural backgrounds. 

Latin Hollywood Films, in partnership with the National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE), is proud to announce our second annual Omni-Cultural TV Festival that will be held on November 4, 2021. The festival will location will be announced later on in the year

OCTVF is a unique multicultural platform and opportunity for independent content creators and producers to showcase their ideas for television and Over-The-Top (OTT) distribution.

Through a full day of screenings, panel discussions and innovative networking activities, the festival will ignite important conversation, guide content creators and share knowledge on industry trends.

An independent Blue-Ribbon Panel of industry professionals including executive producers, buyers, distributors and established actors who will screen submissions and determine best-in-class in each category.

Awards will include:
- Category Award
- One Full non-editorial NATPE Miami 2022 Registration Badge for each winner
- Pitch meetings set up for selected winners
- Cindy Cowan Entertainment Producer Pitch Meeting for select winners

OMNI-CULTURAL TV Fest Terms and Conditions:

The 2021 Submissions window Opens January 1,2021 and closes November 30, 2021.

All Submissions produced within the last 5 years will be accepted.

EARLY BIRD entry fee $50.00 per submission from January 1st to September 30, 2021
STANDARD Deadline entry fee $65.00 per submission from September 31, 2021, to October 30, 2021.
EXTENDED Deadline entry fee $75.00 per submission from October 31, 2021, to November 30, 2021.


CATEGORIES: Submitting parties must hold complete ownership and rights to any submitted materials. By submitting your project you grant screening rights to the Omni- Cultural TV Festival to use at their discretion both at the festival and/or online for any promotional use.

* Be prepared to send Art work for our festival program if selected

TV PILOTS: Comedy, Drama, Reality, Stand Up, and Specials. 22-30 mins in length. All others are not eligible.

TV SIZZLE REELS - SCRIPTED & NON-SCRIPTED: Comedy, Drama, Reality, Sci-Fi, Talk, Children’s programming, Docu-series, and faith-based. 2-5 mins in length. All others are not eligible. This category is intended for long-form content; 30-60 minute series. All languages welcome.

SHORT FORM WEB SERIES: Comedy, Drama, Reality, Talk . This category is intended for short form content to live online and social media platforms. All languages welcome.
3-7 mins in length.

Short Film: All Categories 2-30 minutes

TV MOVIE TRAILERS: Drama, Comedy, Documentary, Sci-Fi, Dramedy, MOW - Movie of the Week. 3-7 mins in length. All others are not eligible.

ANIMATION: Children & Adult. 3-7 mins in length.

STUDENT CATEGORY: Students can submit to any of the categories but must do so by selecting the "Student Submission Category" and then labeling their submission as such. "STUDENT SUBMISSION_ CATEGORY NAME (ex, TV PILOT)_ Project Title.
All languages welcome. 2-30 mins in length.

* We will notify you should we feel your submission was placed in the wrong category.

*A winner for each category will be chosen and receive a beautiful Trophy at the Red Carpet Award Show ceremonies at the event.

Omni-cultural TV Festival staff, board members, founders, or blue ribbon panelists are eligible to submit their work but are NOT eligible for competition in any category within the festival.

Only original works are accepted. Submissions are disqualified if based, in whole or in part, on pre-existing material, fictional or nonfiction, produced or un-produced, published or unpublished, unless such material was originally created and published/produced by the applicant, in another medium.

This is a non-exclusive festival. There is no conflict if your project(s) have screened or are to screen in any future festivals.

• Films with prior commercial distribution or broadcast within the US are NOT eligible to submit. In the case of small non-commercial, non-publicized showings, the committee reserves the right to waive this rule.

• Submissions will be accepted from worldwide creators. It is the producer’s responsibility to present working visa status.

Finalists will be notified via email by September.

All submission fees are non-refundable.

Tickets to the festival General Admission $35pp VIP tickets $55pp

Tickets are non-refundable.

• In the event your project is selected as a finalist, you may be asked to provide current additional items, such as a trailer, high-resolution poster or key art, still images, revised synopsis, short bios of writer, director, and lead cast member, social media handles & hashtags, and a DCP for screening at the DGA.

• Omni-cultural TV Fest, reserves all right to cancel events & showcase screenings at its own discretion.

Overall Rating
  • Marissa Herrera

    Bravo to the entire Omni Cultural Tv Fest team! The virtual film festival experience they created was engaging and informative. The avatars were awesome and we got to engage with other filmmakers and it was the most fun I have had during this quarantine. Incredible work by all! SO grateful to be part of this experience!

    December 2020
  • Alex Montilla

    What a great festival. I'm so happy I got to participate. Like everyone, I really wish I was able to attend a physical event, but the virtual event was SO COOL. Everyone was very helpful and communicative. I look forward to what the future holds for the Omni Cultural TV Festival.

    December 2020
  • I really enjoyed this Festival! The avatar experience made it the virtual at-home party I needed in quarantine!

    December 2020
  • I attended this festival in person the first year it ran in 2019 to support a friend who was nominated. Having been a participant in many festivals, I had never seen one get so much done in only one day. I was in awe. I consider myself to be a diverse filmmaker, so it's always empowering when you see festivals that put so much effort in trying to get stories like the ones I tell into the spotlight. It wasn't just the entries that were impressive however, the amount of informative panels that they are able to squeeze together in one day, held by real industry players, is invaluable. The networking opportunities, the festivities and the benefits received if you actually win, are sweet cherries on top that make this event a rising star in the festival community. The following year (2020) I decided to submit my web-series "Hialeah" for competition, and lo and behold my team and I became participants in the festival's 2nd year! Because of the pandemic the 2nd year wasn't quite like the first, but the effort they put into making it an immersive experience for all of the attendees was unlike anything I had ever seen. Apparently this was the first festival to conduct its entire event through a 3D avatar platform, where everyone can walk around a virtual campus as cartoons (we designed) and literally speak with one another. It was scary accurate. I was skeptical at first, but there were moments when I had to remind myself that I was in a video game. The best way to describe it in my opinion would be if The Sims met Ready Player One. Everyone really seemed to have enjoyed the experience, including my team, and I saw little technical error in the whole thing. It was incredibly well-run. Our positive experience was taken to an even higher level because our project won the the Short Web Series category. We are humbled to have been able to participate, we are very excited for what's to come our way after the win, and we are very optimistic about the future of this festival!!

    December 2020
  • Mike Gallant

    Big ups to this festival. I had such a fun time and their interaction especially during the COVID times was second to none at least on a festival of this level. It would've been amazing to be there in person and I look forward to going back in the future, but their virtual avatar creation was easily the most ingenious of 2020. Kudos!

    December 2020