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Easy to sign up all you need is the name and genre of your project, and be ready to “Pitch it!”
June 9th 2022
Deadline to sign up: May 23rd
Tv Shows, movies, unscripted, scripted, talk, lifestyle, shorts … ALL GENRES OF TV WELCOMED are you ready!??

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OMNI-CULTURAL TV Fest Terms and Conditions:

The Pitch It! package includes: One (1) ticket to the virtual Omni Cultural TV Fest 2022 and two (2) guaranteed pitches selected from your top 5 choices from participating TV networks, studios, production companies, and streaming services.

Pitch It! Timeline

October 15th Pitch It! tickets available for purchase on Eventbrite & FilmFreeway
November 15th Pitch It! Early bird online signup for pitch appointments open
December 1st Pitch It! general online signup for pitch appointments open
May 23rd Pitch It! online signups are closed
June 1st Pitch It! pitch appointment confirmations will be sent via email

Submission Process
In order to participate in Pitch It!, participants will need to:

Register for OCTVF 2022 via FilmFreeway (select the Pitch It! ticket package)
Complete the online Submission Release (will be sent via email)
Review mandates from participating companies (will be sent via email)
Select your top 5 choices (link will be sent via email)
Receive your 2 guaranteed pitch appointment confirmations via email
Review the Pitch It! Etiquette Guide (will be sent via email)
Attend OCTVF 2022 on June 9th and be ready to pitch

Participation Notification
All Pitch It! tickets must be purchased, release and application completed and top 5 choices selected on or before May 27th.

Pitch appointment confirmations will be sent starting on June 1st, 2022.

In case a company confirmed to hear pitches is unable to participate, every effort will be made to either forward your written pitches to the representative after the event or have the attendee pitch to one of his/her other 5 choices.

Overall Rating
  • Marissa Herrera

    Bravo to the entire Omni Cultural Tv Fest team! The virtual film festival experience they created was engaging and informative. The avatars were awesome and we got to engage with other filmmakers and it was the most fun I have had during this quarantine. Incredible work by all! SO grateful to be part of this experience!

    December 2020
  • Alex Montilla

    What a great festival. I'm so happy I got to participate. Like everyone, I really wish I was able to attend a physical event, but the virtual event was SO COOL. Everyone was very helpful and communicative. I look forward to what the future holds for the Omni Cultural TV Festival.

    December 2020
  • I really enjoyed this Festival! The avatar experience made it the virtual at-home party I needed in quarantine!

    December 2020
  • I attended this festival in person the first year it ran in 2019 to support a friend who was nominated. Having been a participant in many festivals, I had never seen one get so much done in only one day. I was in awe. I consider myself to be a diverse filmmaker, so it's always empowering when you see festivals that put so much effort in trying to get stories like the ones I tell into the spotlight. It wasn't just the entries that were impressive however, the amount of informative panels that they are able to squeeze together in one day, held by real industry players, is invaluable. The networking opportunities, the festivities and the benefits received if you actually win, are sweet cherries on top that make this event a rising star in the festival community. The following year (2020) I decided to submit my web-series "Hialeah" for competition, and lo and behold my team and I became participants in the festival's 2nd year! Because of the pandemic the 2nd year wasn't quite like the first, but the effort they put into making it an immersive experience for all of the attendees was unlike anything I had ever seen. Apparently this was the first festival to conduct its entire event through a 3D avatar platform, where everyone can walk around a virtual campus as cartoons (we designed) and literally speak with one another. It was scary accurate. I was skeptical at first, but there were moments when I had to remind myself that I was in a video game. The best way to describe it in my opinion would be if The Sims met Ready Player One. Everyone really seemed to have enjoyed the experience, including my team, and I saw little technical error in the whole thing. It was incredibly well-run. Our positive experience was taken to an even higher level because our project won the the Short Web Series category. We are humbled to have been able to participate, we are very excited for what's to come our way after the win, and we are very optimistic about the future of this festival!!

    December 2020
  • Mike Gallant

    Big ups to this festival. I had such a fun time and their interaction especially during the COVID times was second to none at least on a festival of this level. It would've been amazing to be there in person and I look forward to going back in the future, but their virtual avatar creation was easily the most ingenious of 2020. Kudos!

    December 2020