The Omaha Film Festival celebrates the artistic, educational, and historical importance of motion pictures. It gives independent film artists a platform for sharing their work and creating a dialogue with the community. It promotes the discussion and study of filmmaking.

We do have a screenplay competition. During the festival we have a Writer's Theatre in which local actors will publicly read a few pages from the screenplay finalists.

Over the last 13 years, the OFF has made great strides toward becoming one of the most accomplished teaching festivals in the Central United States, offering opportunities for filmmakers, students, and those who value the artistry of film to learn more about the craft of filmmaking through panels, lectures, and workshops taught by seasoned professionals at our annual Filmmakers Conference.

TBD for 2018. It is typically software and other filmmaking equipment from our sponsors. Last year over $32,000 in prizes were given to winning filmmakers and screenwriters.

Jury Prizes:
Best Narrative Feature Film
Best Documentary Film
Best Short Film
Best Animated Short Film
Best Nebraska Short Film
Best Feature Length Screenplay
Best Short Screenplay
Best Nebraska Screenplay

Audience Choice Prizes:
Best Narrative Feature Film
Best Documentary Film
Best Short Film

- To be eligible the film cannot have a public screening in Nebraska prior to the film festival (with the exception of collegiate screenings and touring Academy screenings).
- Nebraska Short Films: To be eligible for this category you must be a resident of Nebraska or the film has to have been shot primarily in Nebraska.
- For the Nebraska High School Short Film category you must be still in high school on March 2018 to be eligible for this category. You must also include which high school you attend in the notes when you submit.
- Screenplay/Teleplay submissions must not have been produced or optioned. Screenplays that are currently optioned or have negotiations and/or are sold before March 6, 2018 are not eligible for competition. Applicants must notify OFF of any changes in status following submission.

- Scripts that have reached the semifinalist level or above in previous years within the
OFF Screenplay Competition are not eligible for resubmission.
- All entries must be postmarked by the deadline date. All entries must be received by 11/28/17.
- All films that are not in English must have English language subtitles.
- Exhibition prints must be sent to the Omaha Film Festival prepaid, and return requests must include prepaid packaging.
- All Short Films must be no longer than 25 minutes in length.
- Releases for music and talent must be obtained by the filmmaker. The Omaha Film Festival is not liable for copyright infringement or unauthorized use.
- If your film has been selected to be screened at the festival we will request you send a press kit to include: digital stills, posters, postcards, a digital file of the trailer, and other publicity materials to maximize exposure for your film. These materials will not be returned.
- If your film has been selected to be screened at the festival we ask that it not be viewable in its entirety online on sites like YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook before the festival screening. Trailers or clips from the film are acceptable.
- The Omaha Film Festival does not assume any liability for damage to films, videos, or publicity materials.
- Film must have been completed after October 1, 2016.
- Filmmakers will be notified of festival acceptance by approximately February 7, 2018.

Overall Rating
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    Monika Petrillo

    Wonderful festival in the Midwest. You might not suspect it, but you'll find a very excitable and interested audience. The festival organizers are passionate about film, and your film will look and sound fantastic in the Village Pointe Cinema, a great venue. I had a really fun time and look forward to return.

    March 2018
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    Keith Farrell

    Omaha Film Festival is one of the hidden gems of the festival circuit. It is a filmmakers film festival, run by a dedicated group of individuals who make visiting filmmakers feel like really welcome. Although our screening was on in the morning the cinema was almost full and the audience were really engaged in both the films being shown and in the Q&A afterward. Highly recommend entering this festival and if you get in make sure you attend.

    March 2018
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    Jeff Draheim

    I was unable to attend but I heard through family and friends that the festival was fantastic!! I was honored to have my short film be a part of this wonderful festival.

    March 2018
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    Manfred Lopez

    For those who get accepted and are debating whether to attend or not... You HAVE to go. What a remarkable experience. Omaha has an incredibly tight knit filmmaking community, and by the end of the festival I had scouted new locations with new collaborators, met a big league film financier (fingers crossed) and ended up in a 4 AM post-party burger hunt across the city with two of the festival’s founders.

    A friend got accepted both here and Cinequest and had to choose which one to attend. She went to Cinequest with its half-empty theaters and then kicked herself after hearing from multiple people how great Omaha had been.

    June 2017
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    Matt Townley

    Professionally done, well-oraganized, film-loving people! This festival is going to be around a long, long time!

    May 2017