From the moment you arrive, you will understand why this festival is so loved by filmmakers. In its 7th year, the social-issues-oriented Willson Oakville Film Festival gives local, Canadian and international filmmakers a chance to participate in a truly community-oriented festival.

We offer an intimate and effective networking event for filmmakers and an immersive experience for our audiences. We recognize filmmakers in all genres who tell great stories, celebrate diversity and explore social issues, while sparking meaningful discussion.

Our thought-provoking films about the human condition, speak to the diverse social issues that impact our community, from women’s issues and ageism, to addiction and mental illness, to issues affecting our youth such as bullying, or human trafficking. Our selections include Canadian and international feature films, documentaries, short films, and webisodes.

From our opening gala celebration to our director Q&A sessions, from filmmaker socials to our engaging workshops, you will soon discover why the Willson Oakville Film Festival has become an important stop on the festival circuit.

We have a strong history of attracting filmmakers from around the world, who attend the event to talk directly with audiences about their work, in a friendly, intimate and inspirational environment. Our Industry Days bring filmmakers together to learn, collaborate and socialize with like-minded individuals who share the same passion for films.

Supporting local filmmakers and giving them an opportunity to showcase their films in front of a supportive audience is very important to us. We also encourage indigenous, female and culturally diverse filmmakers to submit their films to this inclusive event.
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1. Best Feature Film or Documentary Award: features a cash prize, a custom-designed trophy, as well as an industry equipment package for filmmakers.

2. Best Short Film: features a cash prize, a custom-designed trophy, as well as an industry equipment package for filmmakers.

3. Best Canadian Feature film or documentary: Features a cash prize, a custom-designed trophy as well as an industry equipment package for filmmakers.

We do not accept features longer than two hours, and documentaries can be feature length, or 45 minutes or more. If you submit a ONE HOUR documentary and we accept it, it will be programmed with another short documentary. We accept short films up to 20 minutes long, We do not accept pornography.

If you are successful with features or doc submissions, we would prefer delivery of a DCP for the festival screening. HOWEVER, if you have a short film we accept any HD Quality digital or DVD format, and we will convert your short film to DCP ourselves for the Festival. We also have a deal with, our lead venue partner and for the creation of DCPs at heavily discounted rates for our filmmakers, which you have access to if your film is accepted.

Overall Rating

    An amazing festival in Oakville! Lots of diverse and important films were showcased. The team organizing are very friendly, prompt and helpful. Loved the industry days and networking with other filmmakers. Hope to be back in the future.

    July 2019
  • Pierre GAFFIÉ

    There are not many, the festivals that send you a personal note to say that they liked your film. The WOFF is very well managed, with heart and soul, and great organisation.

    June 2019
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    Response from festival:

    Thank you Pierre! Much appreciated.. hope you submit again your film Radio Moon is beautiful!

  • Lee Chambers

    Thanks for selecting COPENHAGEN ROAD! I had an absolute blast attending and met some amazing people - from the organizers to fellow filmmakers. You put on a great show... I look forward to coming back with more films. Loved the Industry Day and the parties and, of course, seeing lots of great films too!

    June 2019
  • Such a great festival! I volunteered there years ago when the festival was just starting out (and I was just starting out), so to have my first film in this festival was extra special. The venue was great, and I really loved the networking events! I met some inspiring filmmakers, and watched some really moving films. I can't wait to see how this festival grows, and hope to be back soon!

    June 2019
  • This was the first festival I could attended that was a multi day event. The kick off "Industry Day" had some great workshops with a lot of practical Info packed into them. I met a lot of great people and saw a wide variety of films. The organizers were super friendly and they fed us well. The festival was cosy enough that you could chat with people after the screenings..... it was a lot of fun.

    June 2019
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    Response from festival:

    Thanks Brian! Glad we had your film at the festival and that you came out! Great that you took advantage of everything we offered. Filmmakers are very important to us and we want to continue to grow and improve our Industry component.