Celebrating the impact, contributions, and presence of the African Diaspora in realms of imagination -ONYXCON. Our event has been in function for nine years since 2009. Born in Atlanta. Globally renown. We have always had film as an element but made it official in 2017 without our film festival component. We focus on Science Fiction, speculative fiction, afrofuturism, fantasy, action, horror, thriller, animations, surrealism, music videos with fantastic themes, educational/documentaries, video games- cinematic interactive gaming, and themes of evolutionary paradigm shift Artist and the Art Life. So check us out online get involved. ONYXCON.com NOTE • All film submissions should have at least one major cast or crew of direct African ancestry or be written by creators of such ethnic background as this is what we highlight and celebrate. Thank you for your interest.

Currently Official selections are our main reward. Being approved is reward in itself for our special nitche. More incentives will develop in the future.