The OL:M Film Market is unlike any other film festival. We provide you a connection to streaming distributors. Your submission fee is a required Memphis Music Banq Synch License or Memphis Music Banq Pre-Paid Music Rights Receipt (valued at $50 minimum).

The OL:M Film Market is a Tennessee-based film ecosystem built to generate income and find distribution for film and music creators. Not having a proper music license for your film projects will make you ineligible for submission to the OL:M Film Market. Purchase and submit a synch license and/or a pre-paid music rights receipt from The music license or pre-paid music rights receipt along with your film, and other submission documents are required to submit to the OL:M Film Market.

Feature length films accepted in the market will be submitted to Indie Rights for consideration. Indie Rights is a Global Distributor with direct deals with Amazon, Google Play, TubiTV and a number of other VOD channels. In addition, representatives from Kweli TV,( streaming platform for African Diaspora films and short) and Murphy Entertainment Studios (Theatrical Distributor) will be in attendance. Other will be added to the lineup.

In addition, the filmmaker will be given a number of tickets to their screening that they may sell and keep 100% of the profits. Income generated from individual screening tickets, sold by the market, will be given to the filmmaker. The MMB Publisher, whose music is in your project, will assist in marketing your screening tickets as well.

Finally, find your next project in the Film/TV Project Expo. Book authors and script writers will have tables featured in the expo. These content creators are ready to network with you and are open to option their books and scripts for film and/or TV projects.

The time to make money on your project is NOW!!! The OL:M Film Market is here to help you start your revenue streams.

This is an exhibition festival, so there are NO awards.

By entering a film in the OL:M Film Market, the copyright owner grants On Location: MEMPHIS, Inc. a gratis license to screen and exhibit the film for all purposes associated with all marketing & promotion activities, missions, and/or events of the On Location: Memphis organization.

Films do not have to be a premiere but should not have a distribution agreement in place. On Location: Memphis has added a distribution division and will be reviewing submitted projects for various distribution opportunities. Screening guests are from various streaming platforms and alternative distribution outlets.

We program a broad range of subject matter, perspectives, and styles.
Submit your film in any of these categories:
Live Action Short, Animation Short, Documentary Short, Documentary and Live Action We will accept international films however, they must be in English. NO Subtitles for this one.

In addition to your contact information, your submission package must include the following: Website Link, YouTube or Vimeo Trailer Link, IMDB Page Link, FaceBook Page Link, Press Information (if any), primary genre, release date, running time, Copyright year and certificate, sales pitch, target audience, tag line, Names of Actors, Producer and Director, Writer, Aspect Ratio, note whether HD, or SD, or UHD (4K), Licensor Contact name and contact information, Online Vimeo Screener link and password, note if you are interested in Theatrical release and/ or DVD release, Note if there is nudity in your film? If yes, provide timecode of frames, year of production
You must have a license, or pre-paid music rights receipt (dated for 2020, or the current year of festival) for at least one song from the as a part of your submission package. We will accept the Web License. Must also provide licenses for any additional music used in your project.

Screeners will be reviewed by a Screening Committee and the final festival schedule will be determined in August. If your film is selected, you will be notified on or about June 30, 2021. On Location: Memphis is hereby granted the right to utilize an excerpt from any film submitted and accepted for exhibition at the Festival for promotional purposes. The individual or corporation submitting the film hereby warrants that it is authorized to commit the film for screening, and understands and accepts these requirements and regulations. The undersigned shall indemnify and hold harmless On Location: Memphis from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered.