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This festival welcomes shorts of any genre, any language, almost any THING, so long as either the writer, director, cinematographer, editor, or creative producer who will have reached the age of 40 by the event date,

Foreign language films must be subtitled in English.

Webisodes or other episodic content are OK as well as long as something fits in the time restraints. Several episodes strung together to be feature length are acceptable.

And above all show us your heart, your soul, your sweat, your dark shadow-self in your work. No limits (well there are, be we are a tolerant lot with strong stomachs)

The festival will consist of two blocks with separate ticketing. each approximately 3 hours in length with a slate of short films screened followed by awards and a brief Q and A

By submitting filmmakers are conveying you hold the rights to the film.

NO REFUNDS for any circumstances.

Why are we doing this festival?
I went to film school at the age of 33, even then I felt like the "Old Guy" in class. And time marches on. Many factors dictate success, not the least of which is a competitive and probably well over saturated market, but no doubt age can be a factor. There are programs, internships, festivals, and grants geared toward young filmmakers, but what if you find your passion for film at the age of 33? 38? 45? 72?

We are creating a humble place for you.

We have relocated our operations to Pittsburgh, Pa. Assuming Covid-19 is under control this is where the live screenings will take place. We will also have the On Demand option as this was a great substitute for the cancelled screenings in 2020 and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

We will ONLY be having short films, as very few features were submitted for 2020. Until further notice this fest will only encompass shorts.

The programmers for the festival LOVE horror and halloween themes, and our Halloween festival was also a victim of Covid-19, thus we will have special category and screening block called Forty After Dark for your crazy, sick, gross, macabre, and grotesque offerings.

We will not be able to offer free tickets to the screening as the venue will be smaller than our planned 2020 venue.

Greybox Theatre in Lawrencville Pittsburgh PA



Why are you calling it the OVER Forty Film Fest when you only need to be forty?

-Because when you reach forty, or any other age, you are actually completing your fortieth year. One second after your birthday you are over that age.

Why is the icon for the festival a man's face? Don't you support women in film?

-Of course! Women, Men, trans...whatever you describe yourself in terms of gender or sexuality you are welcome to submit, and no doubt those folks not described in the traditional binary way have some of the most interesting stories. So why a man's face? It was the easiest to design without using an actual face, and was inspired buy the death mask of Agamemnon. Pop that into google to take a look.

Where does the money go?

-Funds garnered through submissions and ticket sales at the event go to pay for the venue, promotional materials, filmmaker awards, and hopefully to seed the next festival we are producing, the Hallows Eve Lower Level Film Festival (check back for details).

Why wasn't I accepted into the festival?

-That is unanswerable. It could be your film really sucked. It could be the judges have poor taste. Most likely it will be because there are so many great films being submitted we have to make hard calls. If you are not selected don't despair; it doesn't (necessarily) mean you aren't a great filmmaker. After all look at all the crap that career producers in Hollywood make.

I see you are a filmmaker. Are any of your works being entered into the festival?

-Absolutely not. Not only is that unethical, but word (especially a bad one) spreads fast. It would be too apparent if I did that and my reputation would be smeared, and rightly so.

Best Narrative Short under 6 minutes: $100
Second: $75
Third: Bragging rights.

Best Narrative Short 6 to 15 minutes: $125
Second: $ 100
Third: Bragging rights.

Best in Forty After Dark: 125
Second: 100
Third: Bragging rights.

The Carnegie Free Library and Music Hall Studio
300 Beechwood Ave, Carnegie, PA 15106

One of the following members of the filmmaking team must be forty years old by festival date: Cinematographer, Writer, Producer, or Director. Everyone else in the cast or crew can be any age. EXCEPT for our trailers category, no restrictions.

Foreign language films must have English subtitles.

No distribution requirements, if you have a deal in place you are still welcome to submit.

SUBMISSION FORMAT: upload to your project page or provide a link.

EXHIBITION FORMAT: .mov file on a USB drive preferred. Festival director will ask for a USB drive to be physically mailed in preparation for the event. It will be returned if you'd like it back, in person at festival or USPS. If you attend in person, please bring a backup just in case.


Overall Rating
  • Can't thank Mike enough. He did all he could to make the fest work during these trying times. A trooper to say the least! I'm looking forward to submitting again next year.

    June 2020
  • Barbara West

    I was impressed how I was able to feel part of this "community" even though the virus forced it to be all online!

    June 2020
  • Kevin Goss

    When it became clear to the organizers that a traditional festival could not occur due to COVID-19, they sought the selected filmmakers' input about how to proceed. The ensuing online film festival was a great experience and value.

    I watched every film, many of which made me laugh or brought tears to my eyes. The movies often explored themes from perspectives that only come when one has lived long enough to have experienced a significant amount of love, loss, days of glory, and conflict.

    The online format did not provide the hospitality and networking of a traditional festival, but I give kudos for the excellent level of communication. Hopefully, OFFF will be able to host a live event in Massachusetts next year!

    June 2020