Northern Images Festival (NIF) is a grassroots, non-profit organization
celebrating and strengthening the creative cultural sector in North
NIF showcases films and photographs from northern independent
filmmakers, including and not limited to students, Aboriginals, and
minority communities, without festival entry fees.
NIF offers the community of North Bay screenings of narrative and
experimental films.
NIF supports local artists, offering skill development workshops and
key networking opportunities during the rest of the year.

• The festival is open to all Northern Ontario Indie Filmmakers.
• Films can be any genre except for Documentary.
• You must be of legal age in your jurisdiction; otherwise, an application must be made by a parent or guardian on your behalf.

• There is no entry fee.
• The submission deadline is 5pm, Friday, August 15, 2014.

1. By submitting your film, you grant to NORTHERN IMAGES FESTIVAL complete rights to publicly screen your film during the Northern Images Festival and use excerpts for festival promotional use.
2. Films for preview must be submitted by secure VIMEO link.
3. Secure VIMEO link and password must be included in the box indicated on the submission form. DO NOT send Vimeo links in the body of your email. Please note that ONLY Vimeo links are accepted at this time. Please do not send digital submissions via download or alternate streaming formats. The video should be set as PRIVATE and a password set up in order to view the secure video. Please provide the password on the submission form.
4. The festival will not accept collect shipments and assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged materials.
5. Non-English films must be accompanied by English subtitles.
6. A separate entry form must be submitted for each film.
7. Illegible or incomplete entry forms will not be accepted. Please type entry form or print clearly.
8. Submission forms must be emailed to Please include your name and the name of your film in the subject line.
9. Submissions may not be withdrawn from the Festival once they have been accepted by the festival, except at the sole discretion of the Festival Committee.
10. Entrants will be notified of the results of the film selection process. Please DO NOT phone to request results.
11. The filmmaker must obtain ALL approvals, including but not limited to: copyright; licensing and moral rights; and all waivers and releases. You must have acquired all rights to music and/or your film's original score. Northern Images Festival does not hold any responsibility in gaining the necessary approvals, waivers or releases. Please see liability info on the entry form. All entrants must sign/date this form. Unsigned registration forms will not be accepted.
12. Northern Images Festival does not have any obligation to show entered films at the festival. The Festival organizers may withdraw any selected film at any time and for any reason.
13. Northern Images Festival may terminate the NIF Festival at any time and for any reason.