The Human Family, organizers of the North Dakota Film and Arts Festival, recognizes that Human Rights and the environment are intertwined. To help bring awareness to those connections and wide-ranging issues, we are excited to announce North Dakota's first film festival dedicated solely to Environmental Rights.

The mission of the North Dakota Human Environmental Rights Film Festival (NDERFF) is to educate, engage, and facilitate discussion around local and world-wide environmental rights, animal rights or climate change topics through the work of filmmakers and artists.

The NDERFF invites filmmakers from around the world who have produced documentary, narrative, or experimental films that engage in environmental rights-related topics or themes to submit their work to the festival.

While the festival rules out films that contain unacceptable inaccuracies of fact, films are not barred on the basis of a particular point of view. Films from both new and established filmmakers will be presented. International filmmakers are welcome to submit their work. Films for the festival will be selected via Jury, with equal concentration on environmental rights content and artistic merit.

In 2022, selected films and filmmakers will have the opportunity to have their work screened at the historic Fargo Theatre in Fargo, North Dakota.

If you have any questions about the festival or work submission, please email

Each category within the festival will host a juried competition for "Best of...". Additionally, an executive committee will award a "Best of Show" award annually to recognize a work with high artistic and informational value. Additional awards may be given within each category at the judgment of the jury (i.e. best cinematographer, editing, sound, etc.).


A full list of the Terms & Conditions are available at:

Highlights include:

- Entry fees are non-refundable.

- Filmmakers and artist must be authorized to submit their films to the NDHRFF, and have appropriate permissions and clearances for their films or art pieces.

- Once selected as a part of the official festival, a film may not pull out of the festival or withdraw its submission.

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  • Selket Kaufman

    Thank you for supporting my film! Looking forward to next year!

    June 2021