the Mustafa science and technology Foundation holds the 5th annual Noor student competition in memory of the great scientist and mathematician of the Islamic world, Abu-Ryhan Biruni associated with Fan Amooz institution.
this year in the 5th Noor student competition we accept 60-second scientific films in two different categories

1: general category: experiments and Vision and visual errors
2: special category: creating real and practical models for mathematical concepts.

• prizes worth up to 200 million Iranian to man to the best works of the general category
• prizes worth up to 20 million Iranian to man to the top 3 works of special category
• special gratitude for research institutes and schools with the most participants

Terms & conditions
• This festival accepts works from under 19 years old filmmakers.
• Submitted videos must be a maximum of 1 minute ( 60 seconds).
• Filmswith61secondsormorelengthwillnotbejudged.
• If the participation of the group members in the film is not evident, in addition to the main product, it is mandatory that groups send a few pictures or a documentary (1-minute max) from behind the scenes of the experiments.
• It is mandatory to mention the name or subject of the experiment at the beginning of the submitted videos.
• There are no limits to the number of scientific experiment films submitted by each group.
• If there is a scientific discrepancy in the information expressed in the work, the work will be removed from the competition.
• All works shall be received only through the website of the competition or FilmFreeway Page and the secretariat will not accept the works sent by DVDs or through competition social media.
• Films must be documented and films that are in the form of animation, motion graphics, PowerPoint, etc. will not be accepted.
• Submissions must be registered and uploaded by the end of the 31st of July 1401 on the Noor student competition website at
• following the Islamic rules and customary manners (in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) in all films and clips is mandatory.