Since 2013, NollywoodWeek Film Festival (NOW) has been promoted films from Nigeria (the 2nd largest film industry in the world) in Paris, France.

Considered the reference for Nigerian cinema and globally acclaimed for its curation, the festival has expanded beyond the borders of Nigeria to include high quality, thought provoking, and entertaining productions from other countries in Africa and the African Diaspora. NOW Film Festival allows fans to interact directly with their favorite African stars and engage in workshops, conferences and Q&As while enjoying food, music, and arts from Nigeria and the African Diaspora.

Feature films, short films, TV series and animations are all put on display during this 4-day event now celebrating its 11th anniversary!

NollywoodWeek has helped launch the global careers of many and now its back for another edition!

The feature films in the official selection are in competition to win the Audience Choice Award (Prix du Public) which is awarded to the film with the highest marks from the audience. Immediately after each screening, the audience is invited to rank the film and the winner is announced during the Closing Ceremony of the festival. Some previous winners include movies such as King of Boys, About a Boy, Lockdown, Phone Swap, The Meeting, 76, The Wedding Party and Isoken.

The winning filmmaker receives a range of top of the line lenses on loan free of charge from the Angénieux brand to shoot their next film and the NollywoodWeek Trophy.

ONLY submit your film if it meets the following requirements:
- If your film is available on Netflix, Amazon or any other streaming/online platform or will be by the time the festival starts, the festival organizers must be notified beforehand.
- The content must be written, acted by and/or directed by a person of African ancestry from anywhere in the world.
- Full-length feature film, short film (under 30 minutes), TV series or animation of broadcast ready quality (clear sound and high-definition images).
- If your film is in post-production, you can submit the rough cut as long as you can guarantee that it will be completed 2 months before the festival starts.

Read this agreement carefully. If you are submitting more than one film, each film must be submitted separately via FilmFreeway.

If your film is selected, soon after you will be asked to submit the following:
• Exhibition copy of your film
• Transcript of your film in English (If a French version is not already available) - Please note that no film without an English dialog list will be accepted
• High resolution stills from the film and behind the scene photos

Terms and Conditions

1. Grant of Rights-
In submitting this film, you grant NollywoodWeek Paris and Okada Media (here within “the Festival”) the right to perform the film in its entirety, in the format of its choice, at the venue of its choice (including a virtual or online platform), at any time during the scheduled dates of the festival. You also grant the right of use of any portion of the film up to thirty (30) seconds in length, its trailer, and any still photographs therefrom, as well as the name and likeness of any persons or characters therein, as well as any producers, directors, writers and cinematographers, and any other information included in this application form, in any promotional materials of the festival, in any media, throughout the world.

2. Warranties and Indemnities-
You represent and warrant all presented material is original to you and/or that you are capable and have the right to grant all rights and assurances set forth herein. You further agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Festival for any causes of action arising from breach of this warranty or any false representation made in this application and/or in any further materials presented by you to the Festival.
The Festival will look after the security and integrity of the films in its custody to help prevent any damage, copyright infringement, piracy, or the like while in its care. However, the Festival is not responsible for lost or stolen items, including those lost or misappropriated during shipping, and for any consequences arising from such an occurrence. The festival will take extra precautions with films online but cannot be held accountable for any piracy that occurs as a result.

3. Acceptance and Public screening-
Applicant understands and accepts that further information or materials may be requested from applicant prior to screening, and applicant agrees to provide such information or materials within one (1) week of the request. If timely production of information or materials is not possible, the Festival may choose to not promote or screen the film. Once a film has been selected it cannot be withdrawn by the filmmaker/producer/sales agent from the Festival program prior to and during the event.
If your film is available on Netflix, Amazon or any other streaming/online platform or will be by the time the festival starts, then a notification must be sent to the festival organizers beforehand.
The Applicant understands that the film may not be screened due to unforeseen conditions such as Acts of God, equipment failure, or for any other reason.
The Festival will screen the film and promote it to the best of its ability. The Festival reserves the right to use photos, clips, trailers and the film itself (in parts no longer than 30 seconds) from accepted entries for marketing purposes. The Festival may also screen a film that is part of the official selection in its entirety to a private audience (such as a press conference leading up the festival) for publicity purposes.
The venue, screening format, number of screenings, scheduled day(s) and time(s), are at the sole discretion of the festival.

4. Compensation and AWARDS -
The festival does not pay screening fees unless the film is already subtitled in French and English and those subtitles are deemed acceptable by the festival programmers.
Only films part of the official selection are eligible for an Audience Award (Prix du Public). The award winner is announced on closing night of the Festival. The Audience Award is based solely on audience voting at the film’s screening(s). Additional prizes awarded to winning film will be made clear to all applicants prior to festival.

The selected films will screen in their original versions and must be accessible to French and English speaking audiences. If your film is not in English, you must submit a version with English subtitles. If your film is selected, you will be asked to submit the dialog list in English for translation into French. Your film will then be subtitled into French at the cost of the Festival.
In order to effectively market the film to the French public, some film titles may be translated or adapted. The chosen title for this market during the duration of the Festival is up to the discretion of the Festival.

6. Materials -
Screeners (preview copies) sent to the Festival during the selection process will not be mailed back.
Exhibition copies (such as hard drives, DCP, film reels, BluRays) will be returned after the last day of the festival to the producers upon written request. Material will mainly be collected online via a secure sever provided by the festival.

Overall Rating
  • Great Festival, professionally organised and a solid showcasing platform/event

    June 2023
  • James Amuta

    This is an amazing film festival. They made Paris a magical experience. They were consistent with communicating every step of the way from selection to screening. They facilitated meetings with other filmmakers and industry stakeholders. And they genuinely cared about the comfort, safety, and success of the attending filmmakers. There was a genuine atmosphere of love and support. I must recommend this festival to filmmakers. Bravo, and thank you for selecting and screening Genius in Disguise to a warm and positive reception.

    May 2023
  • Funke Alafiatayo

    I was honoured to attend the 2022 NollywoodWeek Paris Festival in person with my short film 'Everything's Fine'. Excellent communication prior and also during the festival. Really lovely and welcoming team. Excellent festival, highly recommend!

    February 2023
  • Goga Clay

    A fantastic experience overall. I will be submitting more of my films to this festival. Looking forward to attending subsequent editions. Thanks guys!

    May 2021

    I'm holding off 1* for the physical festival next year (fingers crossed)!
    Well done to the team! Nadira well done! Awesome!!!

    May 2021