Since 2006 NociCortinfestival has provided a forum for international filmmakers to screen, discuss, promote, and celebrate their films and their medium.
Recent editions of NociCortinfestival have been enriched through the participation of filmmakers from a wide range of European film academies, the Beijing Film Academy, and numerous acclaimed directors, actors and journalists. June in the south of Italy is delight to the senses, and with NociCortinfestival, a destination for cinema professionals and enthusiasts. The festival took place in Piazza Plebiscito in the heart of the historical centre of Noci. A large audience from across the region attended the festival.

"NociCortinfestival" is organized by Nocicinema Cultural Association.

All the short films submitted in the categories stated above in the “The competition” section will be eligible to be awarded the following prizes, by the Nocicortinfestival jury:

Premio NociCortinfestival - Best short film Prize: 1000 Euros

Premio “Città di Noci” - awarded to a short film chosen by the audience

Conditions of partecipation
-Short of every genre with a distinctive attitude to tell short stories in an original way. All films entered into the competition must have been produced after January 1st, 2022, and must be no more than 20 minutes in length. Films already screened at other film events are welcomed.
- Submission does not guarantee the Nomination of your film for NociCortinfestival Awards.
-Work-in-progress will be considered only if a “first cut” can be previewed.
-The information on the enclosed application form will be published on the Festival official catalogue and web site.
-Participation in the Festival is dependent upon acceptance of these regulations. Any breach of regulations will preclude participation in the Festival.
-Should the number of films submitted to the festival be considered insufficient, the organizers may decide to annul the festival, informing in due time the participants.
-The Festival organizational board can change or add prizes at any time.
-Short films will be selected by the Board of Organizers of the Festival. The Board of Organizers will inform the Authors of the selected films.
-The Authors of the selected films will be invited to join the Festival in Noci; board and lodging will be provided, travel expenses will not be included.
-Payment of prize money will be made no later than Jun 30th, 2025.
-The Festival Organizers reserve the right to use segments of selected films (1 minutes max.) to advertise the event.
-All short films received will be part of the NociCortinfestival archives. Both selected films and non-selected films may be used in retrospective exhibitions and film shows in the following months.
-Every Author is the only responsible for the content of his films. Winners agree to mention both the name and logo of NociCortinfestival and the prize won in the opening credits of their films.
-Materials supplied by film makers to NociCortinfestival will be published only for purposes of promoting the festival. Nocicinema will not use films and other materials submitted by participants without the express permission of the film maker.
-The Board of Organizers may take decisions regarding unforeseen circumstances not considered by the above rules and regulations.
-Participation in the NociCortinfestival implies the acceptance of the festival rules and regulations. Any violation of the rules and regulations will result in participation in the Festival
-The undersigned, according to the law 196/2003, declares to be completely informed of the terms and conditions of the use of their personal data as indicated in the application form and authorize the registration of such data into the NociCortinfestival data base. -
The undersigned declares to have the legal ownership of proprietary rights of the film submitted to the festival, according to the law 633/1941