No Reason Short Film Festival started in 2015. Since then, there have been 5 previous editions and it has become a powerful event in the heart of Easton in the southwest city of Bristol. It supports All Hallows Hall, a community-run venue currently at risk of disappearing due to gentrification. (28-10-2023 Venue update: Sadly, All Hallows Hall has been sold, locks have been changed and the group of people running it for the last 12 years are now out of the venue).
A new venue, Malcolm X Community Center has been found and it will host the festival this year.
The festival's purpose is to provide opportunities for all participants to create and show their short films. To provide a platform for those without formal training, resources or experience to express themselves and tell their stories. The festival is a celebration of local and international culture, humour, insight and emotion from a diverse range of contributors. It highlights and showcases the artistic similarities and differences between all of Bristol’s communities with a unique warmth and inclusivity.
Over the years the festival is been mixing different arts expressions, from performances, theatre, live music, world foods and films.
Submissions are getting higher every edition and more people joining the No Reason Community. (BBC professionals, art teachers, writers, professionals in audiovisual backgrounds and UWE teachers have been part of the professional jury every year)
It was created as a platform for anyone who wants to let their creativity loose.

Uniques, hand-made trophies.

1.- FILMS must have been completed within 2023.
We just accepted one film for the film director.
2.- FORMAT must be digital.
3.- LENGTH of your film must be limited to 5 minutes, credits included.
4.- OFICIAL LANGUAGE is English.
However, English subtitles are welcome in case of using other language.
5- ANIMATION FILM will compete for an award in case there are three or more submissions.
6.-DEADLINE will be 1st December 2023.
7.- AWARDS will be provided to:
- Best Performance
- Best Photography
- Best Original Idea
- Best Short Film
- Best Animation (if applicable)
- Best No Reason Film (elected by the attendees)
8.- We will upload your film on our Youtube account with your consent after the festival.
You must send us a trailer of your piece before the Festival date if you don't agree with this.
9.- The Participants agree the organization may display the films at other events connected with No Reason for Cultural and non-profit proposes.
10.- The number of films screened will depend on the length as a whole. The organization deserves the right to make the selection in case submitted films exceed 75 min.​

No Reason Short Film Festival acquires the right to reproduce the projects in any form, including the right to modify, publish, and show the films for advertising purposes.