Championing our sister filmmakers and the tribes that support them.

And to celebrate the 2024 Film Festival season, we're able to offer monetary awards for six categories;

Best Feature Film = $100
Best Narrative Short Film = $100

Best Feature Script (unproduced) = $100
Best Short Script (unproduced) = $50

Audience Favorite Feature Film = $50
Audience Favorite Short Film = $50

If you're ready to create without boundaries - push your writing and filmmaking skills to a new level - discover your powerful voice and use it - then we want to hear from you. There's only one rule -- don't bore us!

We want to see and read stories that only you can tell.

No Boundaries Film Institute Announces a Call for Submissions for films and scripts -- shorts, features, pilots and all screenplays. We are open to all genres! The festival takes place in Bradenton, Florida, October 18-20, 2024.

No Boundaries Film Institute and Festival wants to knock down the obstacles that stand in your way. We want to raise you up, provide a place to share your story and make a difference in this world.

Inspired by our love of classic cinema and year-around good weather, we're creating our first outdoor cinema screening location in Bradenton, Florida. We will also provide online screening options, but you'll absolutely want to visit our intimate, creative outdoor cinema location!

The festival continues to explore creative innovation across film, TV, talks, and more. We are award-winning, experienced filmmakers and educators with proven track records who have made mistakes and learned through failures. We have spent loads of money and years of our lives learning how to tell stories. No Boundaries Film Institute is our brain trust. If you're ready to smash the boundaries of traditional storytelling and filmmaking, you've come to the right place.

Our panel of filmmakers know filmmaking -- writing, acting, producing, directing, editing and so on.... and we especially know the importance of building a powerful script in order to make powerful films.

No Boundaries Film Institute has the greater mission of educating our young and unrecognized filmmakers across all groups, but we are explicitly interested in women, Native American and LatinX filmmakers. Our mission is to education, inspire, and provide the tools to help these groups share their stories! (Our non-profit application is pending.)

Again, new to the 2024 Film Festival season, we're able to offer monetary awards for six categories;

Best Feature Film = $100
Best Narrative Short Film = $100

Best Feature Script (unproduced) = $100
Best Short Script (unproduced) = $50

Audience Favorite Feature Film = $50
Audience Favorite Short Film = $50

All other award winners receive laurels, free passes to virtual screenings, and shout outs on all social channels.

Filmmaker Awards

Best Feature Film
Best Narrative Short Film

Best Feature Screenplay (unproduced)
Best Short Screenplay (unproduced)

Audience Favorite Feature Film
Audience Favorite Short Film

Best - Native American feature/short
Best - LatinX feature/short

Best Female Filmmaker - short/feature
Best Actor/Actress (feature/short)
Best Supporting Actor/Actress (feature)
Best DP (short/feature)
Best Director (short/feature)
Best Editor (short/feature)
Best Student Film
Best Feature Documentary
Best Feature Director
Best Feature Editing
Best Feature Sound
Best Feature Producer

Best Short Documentary
Best Sci-Fi Short
Best Horror Short
Best LGBT Short
Best Experimental Short
Best Student Short
Best Animated Short
Best Short Short
Best Comedy Short
Best Director for a short
Best Actor for a short
Best Actress for a short
Best Music Video

Writing Awards

Best Unproduced Dramatic Short Screenplay
Best Unproduced Comedy Short Screenplay
Best Unproduced Dramatic Feature Screenplay
Best Unproduced Comedy Feature Screenplay
Best Unproduced Original Dramatic Television Screenplay
Best Unproduced Original Comedy Television Screenplay

Submit now!

• All genres accepted.
• Scripts must not have been optioned or sold prior to submission deadline.
• Scripts must be the original work of the applicant(s).
• Cover page should include the title, but remove any contact information (name, email address, etc.).
• All rights to submitted materials remain the property of the submitter, whether they place as a finalist or not.
• No revisions or missing pages will be accepted once an entry has been received.
• Multiple submissions are permitted. You may not submit the same script more than once.
• Script submissions must be uploaded in PDF format.
• Scripts will not be returned.
• Writers from all countries are welcome to enter. All scripts must be in English.
• Must be 18 years or older to enter.
• The winning writers consent to No Boundaries Film Institute use of their name, title of script, and any other relevant information for promotional purposes on their website and social media. This will be used to inform other contestants and the media of the results.
• If a submission involves two or more writers as applicants, any prize (monetary if applicable) and any reimbursements will be divided equally among them and only one NOBO Award will be provided. The NoBo Award is not offered to Fellowship or Development deal winners.
• Awards are based solely on the overall merit of entries. Judges reserve the right not to grant an award.


- Screenplays/teleplays should be formatted according to current industry standards.
- To follow standard guidelines for format, consult any popular screenwriting or teleplay writing text for assistance.
- Font size must be 12 point and in Courier type.
- Feature Screenplays must be approximately 90-120 pages in length.
- Short Screenplays must be 5 – 30 pages in length.
- Teleplays should be the appropriate length depending on the format. The recommended length for single camera sitcoms is approximately 22-40 pages and 45-70 pages for single camera one-hour programs. The recommended length for multi-camera sitcom pilots is approximately 52-58 pages.
- Pages must be numbered in the top right-hand corner.

We strongly suggest that applicants copyright their materials with the U.S. Copyright Office and/or register their screenplay/teleplay with the Writers Guild of America, East or Writers Guild of America, West. Please consult an attorney regarding any questions about these.

For the most up-to-date information about the Screenplay Competition, please visit

By submitting, you agree that you have read all rules and guidelines on NoBo's website and accept them.

Overall Rating
  • A great film festival! The organizers are very friendly.... Our movie "Around The Same Table" was awarded the best feature movie award.... Thank you very much for everything....

    July 2023