The Next Action Star Film Fest is a Festival that honors action performers, fight and stunt coordinators/ choreographers and the Action Genre Writer.
The Next Action Star Film Fest is the most unique festival of its kind. It draws talent from its submitters along with known talent from over 15 years running of the biggest action festival in the world, the Action on Film Festival. What is the prize? TOP Written Prize for writers is we produce your script. Top prize for film entries are roles starring in the film that is created from the Next Action Star Film Fest winning written word submission. Roles include star, co-star, featured etc. The film will be shot over the 3 months following the running of the festival. ONLY talent for script, actors, actresses, stunts, stunt fighting, drivers, coordinators, choreographers etc will be drawn from the submitting writers and performers. In addition we will add well known action stars in key roles to ensure the quality of the product along with guaranteed distribution from one of our many partner distributors. All roles will be paying roles, no deferments, no 80 page contracts and No BS. Judged by Martial Arts Legend Michael De Pasquale Jr, Actor, Writer, Producer Director Del Weston, Action Film Producer Robert Goldman and specialty judges from our Legendary Stunt and Icon Award Winners which may include - Harry Mok, Cung Le, Randy Couture, Art Camacho,, JJ Perry and many others.

What is the prize? TOP Written Prize for writers is we produce your script. Top prize for film entries are roles starring in the film that is created from the Next Action Star Film Fest winning written word submission.
Winners will also be honored at our 15th Annual MegaFest Award Show in Las Vegas where they will receive a commemorative Award/trophy.

If you are a WRITER then you must enter a feature length script, no longer than 90 pages in length. The script must take place in Las Vegas, Nevada with NO references to locations inside major hotels or casinos. It must have at least 3 major locations, no less than 25 cast members, and a minimum of 7 action scenes including fights, car chases, stunts etc. Your script must include at least 20 speaking roles with a minimum of 10 speaking roles for Women and 10 speaking roles for Men. Your script must include at least 9 fight scenes.
The winning script writer will receive $2,500.00 in Cash and Credit for the film. You will also grant us First Right of Refusal for the creation of a sequel to your script. By entering this competition your script will be in competition for both the Hollywood Dreams III Writers Competition and the Action On Film International Film Festival XV's Written Word Competition and you will be eligible for prizes and awards for both of those competitions without paying any additional fees. You will retain all rights to your original story, characters, concepts etc.,
Written Submissions must be the original work of the entrant(s) and may not be based, in whole or in part, on any other fiction or nonfiction material, published or unpublished, produced or un-produced. Works must be the exclusive property of the submitting writer. The screenplay must have copyrights in place or be registered to the Writers Guild.
Entries may, however, be adapted from the entrant’s (or entrants’) original work, whichshould be noted in the log line required on the application form.
Entries lacking a log line on the application form will be disqualified.
All entries will be judged on content, creativity, imagery, story, marketability, format and structure. Please submit Written Word as either PDF or Word Doc. Rewrites or revisions to original submitted script must be entered as a New Script and a New Submission/fee is required. Each entry must be submitted separately.

If you are an actor, actress, fighter, fight choreographer, stunt man or woman or an action star of the future, simply submit your reel, clip from a longer scene or cuts from previous works that lasts from 2 minutes minimum and 5 minutes maximum. Acting and performance reels are accepted along with clips/scenes from past work or a self taped audition. If you work with weapons or specialty items of any kind such as canes, scarves etc., make sure we know it. We will choose 15 Men and 15 Women from all submissions to fill roles in the film (which will be chosen from scripts submitted to this competition). The top 10 Men and top 10 Women will receive SAG ULB contracts during the 2019 AOF MEGAFEST Black Tie Dinner and Award Show. Non Union Talent will be paid the same amount paid to the Union Performers. You will also be eligible for Awards for the Action Categories in both the Hollywood Dreams III and the Action On Film International Film Festival XV's Action genres. You will only have to enter this competition to be eligible for the other competitions named. The top 30 submissions will be screened live at the Brenden Theaters in conjunction with the MegaFest event.

3 Days from the end of the MEGAFEST ending, all selected talent will begin One Week of Table Reads and Fight Choreography Training. One week from the end of the training and script study we will begin our 18 Day Shoot with 2-3 Pick Up Days to be announced if necessary. You must cover your own Travel Expenses to Las Vegas but your meals, lodging and Pay for Shoot Dates will be paid. There is NO pay for rehearsals. Specialty Wardrobe will be provided.

Medical clearance is a requirement and Due Upon Selection. Open to all genders and ages from 5 years old on up.