The New York WILD Film Festival is the only documentary film festival in New York to present powerful exhilarating films about the wild world around us. These carefully selected films from around the world will cover a spectrum of wild topics, from exploration and adventure to wildlife, conservation and the environment.

The festival celebrates the filmmakers who — through the power of their images and storytelling — promote awareness, educate and inspire interest in exploring and conserving the natural world around us. NY WILD, through your films, presents a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, affect vital change and celebrate the wild.

New York WILD is excited to partner again with the venerable Explorers Club whose members have accomplished many incredible “firsts” -- from the deepest point in the ocean to the surface of the moon.

Expect 30-35 screenings over four days, Q&A's with celebrated filmmakers, talent and thought leaders. In addition to all day screenings, the Club will host a luncheon with fellow adventurers and offer once-in-a-lifetime special social and networking events.

NY WILD is proud to partner with New York University and NYU Shanghai for the fourth year. If your film is shown at NY WILD, you will have an opportunity for your film to be selected for a screening at NYU in NY or in Shanghai. Your work will reach an international audience of students, faculty and the Shanghai community.  Read more about this at

The New York WILD Film Festival is fiscally sponsored by New York Women in Film and Television, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Submission fees are a vital part of the festival's fundraising, helping to ensure a successful review process and overall event. Thank you to all the filmmakers for participating!

Juried Competition with awards for the following categories:
Short (under 30 min)
Feature (60-90 min)
Special Jury
WILD in NY (films related to NY)
Best in Festival

***If your film is over 60 minutes please enter in the feature category and we will decide what genre it fits.
***Please submit your film in one category -- you only need to pay one fee per film. NY WILD reserves the right to consider the film in a different category as many categories overlap.

If your film is over 60 minutes please enter in FEATURE category.
If your film is under 30 minutes please enter in SHORTS.
If your film is 5 minutes or under enter in SUPER SHORTS.
If your film is between 30 and 60 minutes enter in one of the categories (exploration, adventure, wildlife, conservation, and environmental).
All student films go in STUDENT category.

**Shorter festival edits of feature length films will usually be preferred.
We have limited program slots for films longer than 80 minutes, but all submissions of this length and longer will be taken into consideration.

LANGUAGE: Non-English speaking films must have English subtitles.

Accepting films completed between January 1, 2020 and December 2022.

All films must be submitted through FilmFreeway, we do not accept submissions through other digital platforms.

New York WILD does not pay screening fees.

If your film is selected to screen at New York WILD we will request 2 copies of any of the following for exhibition: ProRes HQ & H264.

By submitting a film to the Festival (and agreeing to these terms and conditions) you are confirming that all necessary permissions have been sought from contributors to the film, and royalties paid, including ‘release’ from those appearing in the film and creators of any soundtrack/music. Films must be clean of all advertisements for exhibition.

I, the undersigned, have read The New York WILD Film Festival (hereafter NYWFF) entry procedures and rules and I agree to abide by them. I acknowledge and agree that, to the best of my knowledge, all of the information provided is accurate, the film submitted is an original work and I am duly authorized to submit this film and promotional materials to NYWFF. Any copyrighted materials included in the work have been legally cleared for use, and NYWFF is not responsible for any copyright infringement resulting from public screenings.

I agree that, if this film is selected, NYWFF has permission to screen the film at the Explorers Club on March 2 - March 5, 2023 and at NYU or NYU Shanghai if selected.

Interim screenings: We also have permission to screen the film at NYU or NYU Shanghai if selected and other screenings throughout the year. In addition to possibly being screened at NY WILD during the stated festival dates, accepted films may be screened throughout the year at additional events, in cooperation with other partnership organizations. Filmmaker will be notified if their film is selected.

If this film is to be screened at NYWFF, I also agree that NYWFF has the right to use footage for promotional materials (ex festival trailer) and to publish selections from the promotional materials, such as still images, in any or all publications for the purpose of promoting NYWFF. I hereby hold NYWFF harmless and release it from any claims that I or others may have with respect to the use of the promotional materials and the public screening of this film. Accompanying materials will be donated to NYWFF.

Overall Rating
  • To screen our film within the walls of the Explorer's club and its distinguished members and guests was an incredible experience! The New York WILD Film Festival was the last festival we have submitted our film, "Pathfinder," and by far the most incredible and most magnificent film festival we had the pleasure to be a part of.

    Nancy, Brianne, and the rest of the team were very communicative and created an incredible and memorable event. All the film selections were fascinating, and it was indeed a privilege to attend and screen our own. They also held a networking event which was a remarkable experience. We can't recommend The WILD Film Festival enough.

    May 2022
  • Conor Ferris

    Fantastic festival.

    Nancy and the team were brilliant hosts. The film selection was outstanding, I developed my industry network and met other environmentally conscious individuals, passionate about the natural world. It was an honour to be a part of this very special event. I could not recommend this festival enough.

    April 2022
  • It was great being part of New York Wild as a film maker. The staff were very good to deal. I got a real sense they were selecting films that show the value of wild places which will assist the effort to keep them wild.

    March 2020
    Response from festival:

    Hi Michael, your film was a tremendous hit and perfect for the Best Exploration Film. Amazing exploring and filmmaking.

  • Thomas Rowell

    Such a great festival. The organizers were communicative and supportive from the beginning. I would recommend submitting to everyone!

    March 2019
  • Joosung Kwon

    World Class Film Festival. Was honoured to receive best student film. The organisers took care to make us feel valued and welcomed. Great venue, amazing people!

    October 2018