New York Nil Gallery is one of the leading platforms of international photographers, painters & musicians, dedicated to artists who embody diversity, innovation and creativity. NYNG gives artists the original platform to express their vision of World celebrating based on their personal experiences and observations.

Whether you are a professional or art worshiper, you’ll be eligible to be part of the New York Nil Gallery.

New York Nil Gallery is a global industry event held Online.

NYNG began in 2017.

NYNG mission is to encourage through art, the personal expression of World imagery, from people of all artistic skill levels and background, and to do so in an innovative and creative.
Each year, the NYNG brings to Audience projects from around the globe, and gives our audience unique opportunities to discover international Artists.

-The NYNG will award 20 prizes:

20 Awards:

*Best Photography Award
*Best Painting Award
*Best Portrait Award
*Best Human Right image
*Best image of nature
*Best image of life
*Best Music Video Award
*Best Female Singer
*Best Male Singer
*Best Band Award
*Best Lyric Award
*Best Short film Award
*Best Short Documentary
*Best Make-up Artist
*Best Song Award
*Best Animation
*Best Installation
*Best Student project
*Best Experimental
*Best Virtual Reality

- Competition is open to everyone, professional or art worshiper.
- Each artist may submit photography, painting, drawing, music videos and art work.
- Each artist must submit the original works and not copies, or based in any other works.
-NYNG will have the right to display accepted work and reproduce for educational and promotional purposes.
- NYNG has the right to refuse any submission that is inappropriate with our rules.
- Each artist guarantees that he or she has obtained all necessary releases and that the creation, display or distribution of the work of art will not violate any law.
- Each artist guarantees that he or she has created a featured artwork or if there are collaborators, they are also named. Entry submissions to this contest imply acceptance of all of the above conditions.
-The work entered into the competition will be judged by an esteemed panel of professionals.
- Each submission will be judged for creative, contemporary and historical significance, thought-provoking, as well as artistic and creative merit.
- NYNG reserve the right to reject any submission that does not follow the technical specification guidelines as defined below.
- Entry fee is not refundable.
Technical & Guidelines for images or paintings:

• Two images for submission
• File format: JPEG
• No images larger than 2 megabytes.
• Image file name should be exactly how you want the title to appear on the site.
Example: beautifulwinter_ethangreen_nyng

-Music video projects can be in different languages.

-All other categories must have English subtitles.

-All projects will be displayed online during the festival.

Overall Rating
  • Jeremiah OC Jahi

    The people at New York Nil Gallery were great. The communication was top notch. I loved the Q&A interviews with the various artists. Definitely a wonderful festival. I will submit again for sure in the future.

    January 2023
  • I am honored to be among the winners!
    Thank you very much for your attention to my work.

    January 2023
  • It has been a tremendous pleasure to work with New York Nil Gallery. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to have my work selected.

    January 2023
  • I cannot comment on earlier editions of this festival but the 2023 edition was a major disappointment. Although having two films selected, one of which was an award winner, this was mostly a non-event. There was no active website until after the event had started and then it was a page on a magazine, which is not a problem in itself. There, the selected films were listed, each with a synopsis and poster image, but with no other information or links. The films were not screened or streamed. The festival itself consisted of unedited Instagram interviews by the curator with some of the film makers. It's not clear that the gallery actually exists, since the address links to a hotel that is "permanently closed" according to Google. I appreciate that someone took the time to look at my videos and thought well of them, but it's a big stretch to call this a "festival". Maybe the name of the gallery - NIL - says it all. Sorry I can't be more positive.

    January 2023
  • Unique attention to the artists. One of a kind film festival!!!!!

    January 2023