New York Flash Film Festival is a monthly film festival that celebrates micro, super short films, shorts, long shorts, extra long shorts and features.

Each month, or Edition, all entries will be privately screened online by an international panel of experts active in the film and performance industry. The opening date will be on the 1st of every month and close on the 27th of every month, unless otherwise, noted. All official selection and monthly winners will be announced on the last day of every month and will receive, via email, their appropriate laurels upon the conclusion of our monthly event.

At the end of our season, our judges will reconvene to evaluate all of our monthly category winners to determine the overall category winner. At the end of our annual season and/or final decision of our judges, there will be a screening held in New York recognizing and celebrating a collection of our judges favorite films.

*Official Selection Laurels
*Finalist Laurels
*Overall Winner Laurels

Keep it Short!

Micro Short: under 1 minutes
Super Short: under 3 minutes
Short: under 10 minutes
Long Short: under 15 minutes
Extra Long Short: under 30 minutes
Feature: under 90 minutes

Overall Rating
  • James Walton

    Thank you for recognizing my documentary, The Struggle for Identity!

    November 2022
  • sian croose

    We were really pleased to be selected by this festival, it was great !

    August 2022
  • Thanks for considering our short film! All the best!

    June 2022
  • We are very happy to have participated in this great festival!
    We are happy to represent Brazil in amazing international festivals!

    May 2022
  • Axtli JimĂ©nez Siguenza

    If you want to buy some beautiful laurels, it's very good. But if you are looking for real projection and dissemination of your work, I don't recommend it. I was given a laurel as a finalist, but they never did the event nor was it known who had been in the supposed projection of the finalists. For me it was a total fraud.

    April 2022