The New York City IO Festival Festival is presented by the Arete Living Arts Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a 25-year history of promoting artists and art works that are innovative in form, or express a message that inspires personal, political, or spiritual awaking. These are the unique qualities we will be looking for in the films presented.

The event will be held in our studios in the exciting Greenpoint / Williamsburg section of New York City, that has become a center for innovate arts and artists. The winning films will be broadcast twice a week for one month on the IO Television channel's live stream.

Winners in each category will be broadcast on the IO Roku Television Channel. The work will be proceeded by an interview with the filmmaker.

The winning films will be broadcast twice a week for one month on the channel's live stream, as well as being available for free video on demand.

The NYC IO Film Festival is looking for both feature-length and short films from around the world from any genre.
Our Standard Festival Participation Agreement (Terms and Conditions), which all submitted films are also expected to follow is as follows:
The NYC IO Film Festival will take place from 3/5/24
1. Submission Deadlines
Submissions will be accepted until 12/1/23
All submission deadlines are found within the FilmFreeway listing.
Early entry is encouraged but in no way guarantees acceptance.
2. Submission Format
Films must be submitted via online screener.
3. Submission Eligibility
- All submissions must have been completed after 1 January 2024.
- Works-in-progress and films with distribution are accepted.
- All films not in the English language are required to have subtitles.
6. Submission Fee
All FilmFreeway submissions for NYC IO Film Festival are to be paid by credit card. The submission fee is non-refundable.
7. Shipping
All shipping and postage costs, if the film is selected for the Festival, for all DCPs and additional materials sent to and returned from NYC IO Film Festival must be borne by the submitting party. NYC IO Film Festival will not accept Cash On Delivery shipments. NYC IO Film Festival will not absorb any fees incurred in British customs. All charges must be pre-paid
8. Selection of Films
Submissions are reviewed and selected under the following criteria:
- Quality of narrative and production values
- Independent nature of the production
- Creativity
- The Value of the emotional impact and message
10. Festival Screenings
Selected films MUST provide a Digital Cinema Package (DCP) or video file (.mov or .mp4).in order to be screened at the NYC IO Film Festival. The film title MUST be clearly labelled on the hard drive.

11. Scheduling
Screenings are scheduled during the Festival at the discretion of NYC IO Film Festival. Whilst every effort will be made to adhere to the published schedule, NYC IO Film Festival reserves the right to make changes at any time for any reason NYC IO Film Festival will not be liable for any costs claimed as a result of a change in scheduling.
No film may be withdrawn from the festival programme after its selection.
By submitting to the NYC IO Film Festival I confirm that I have read and accept the terms and regulations of NYC IO Film Festival. I will provide the festival with any additional information required pursuant to these rules and regulations. I authorize the NYC IO Film Festival to exhibit and broadcast my film, and if selected, I confirm that an exhibition copy will be available in a required format for screening during the festival. I certify that I hold all necessary rights for the submission of this film/video to the NYC IO Film Festival and that all rights and clearances have been made. This film is not subject to any litigation nor is threatened by any litigation. I hold NYC IO Film Festival harmless from damage to, or loss of any or all materials en route to, from or otherwise at the festival. I assume all legal responsibilities therein. By Agreeing to these terms, I transfer to NYC IO Film Festival the right to use excerpts of the submitted film, its stills, and trailers, for the purposes of publicity and marketing of the film at the 2023 festival, and for other non-commercial uses related to the promotion of the 2023 festival. I hereby agree to indemnify NYC IO Film Festival, in the event that such rights have not been properly transferred.

Overall Rating
  • The very good point of NYCIO is Television Series Category which is not so common in Film Festivals and on those that have section for Series, the Judges won't watch more than one or two episodes of Titles so they might miss a great parts and just like that a well produced series will not be able to rise, but not in New York City IO Film Festival, here you got a shot and chance to be watch. Although after 2 month the festival Executive didn't interview and stream the award winning titles

    March 2024
  • Matthew Herzog

    As far as I can tell, this is a scam. My short film was accepted and listed as "Second Place" for Sci-Fi shorts, but there was absolutely no communication about when or where the festival is. All you get is a generic laurel for your film. No legitimate website or Instagram. Even its Facebook only announces winners, with zero photos of the actual festival. I highly doubt there was an actual physical festival. This is most likely a scam to make money on young, new or foreign filmmakers. Do not submit!

    March 2024
  • The Film Festival is an incredible event that showcases the best of world cinema. I was honored to have my film She He It screened at the festival.
    One thing that stood out to me about the Film Festival was the quality of the films that were selected for the program. The festival showcased a diverse range of genres and styles, from compelling documentaries to thought-provoking dramas and everything in between. It was clear that the organizers had a keen eye for exceptional storytelling, and it was a privilege to be included in such great company.
    The festival itself was well-organized and the staff were extremely helpful and accommodating. The screenings were held in excellent venues with state-of-the-art projection and sound, ensuring that the films were presented in the best possible light. The audiences were engaged and enthusiastic, and it was a pleasure to share my work with them.
    One of the highlights of the festival was the opportunity to connect with other filmmakers and industry professionals from around the world. The networking events were well-attended and provided a great opportunity to exchange ideas, learn from other artists, and build new relationships.

    May 2023
  • Very honored to be a part of the festival and to have won best experimental, I was also interviewed, which was great, Thank you!

    January 2023

    Honored to be at the festival.

    January 2023